Buhari You Are A Failure, Go Back To Daura – Agoro


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Presidential aspirant of the National Action Council (NAC) Dr Olapade Agoro on Wednesday alerted that Nigeria is now witnessing  clear signal of leadership total failure hence the need for President Muhammadu Buhari to “go home and rest”

Dr Agoro who  raised the alarm in a statement he made available to newsmen in Ibadan on the state of the nation declared that for now, Nigeria as a country is facing serious challenges.

According to the NAC Presidential aspirant in the statement, Nigeria economy is presently ” performing abysmally  low at below 1 percent” amidst other unfortunate incidents

“That Nigeria now is dangerously and damagingly miffed in chamber of horror  and  terror  of clear signal of leadership total failure. It becomes apt to reiterate the fact that never since the inception of the nationhood of Nigeria and not even the terrible experience of Biafra war has it been this so bad, we are forced to wallow under one form of antecedence of horror , fears and tears.” he said.

Dr Agoro added that “neverv in the global political history has there been this sort of gang up  against a nation of infliction of horrors , failures  and tear flowing unlimited” and that “at this same time and period of the nation’s  economy performing abysmally  low at below 1 percent,”

The NAC Presidential aspirant lamented that ‘another round of kidnapping of 100 innocent school children,  Southern Kaduna set aflame with loss of  about  50 lives and 1000 houses burnt down”

He emphasized that all these clearly showed that ” the center of APC the ruling party not holding together” adding ‘ who is still doubting the fact that  war of Armageddon  is not now with us.’

Dr Agoro however advised that ” in the best interest of the suffering masses of this nation, there is nothing better now  to do than for Muhammed Buhari to go home and rest, And Bola Ahmed Tinubu who lured and brought him here to kindly help carry him go. “


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