BrandTell Business Network To Host Exhibition For Business Owners



A brand management company, BrandTell Business Network, has unveiled the 2022 sales exhibition plan for business owners to sell their brands. 

The exhibition which is set to hold on November 26 and 27 at the Surulere National Stadium, is projected to support businesses and help them advance in their entrepreneurial adventures. 

The organisation’s team lead, Adenike Fagbemi, said the two-day event, tagged ‘Sales Yakata: Santa Came Early’ would offer businesses a platform to connect better with their prospects.

She said, “I’ve had years of experience working with business owners, especially small-scale entrepreneurs and I can tell you for free that most of them don’t have a platform that can expose them to the wider world.

“This initiative is majorly to provide that platform at an affordable cost for them, network them to potential clients and help them build brand loyalty. Lastly, it is a chance to push them out of their comfort zone and make them come out of their shell. This way, they develop creative ways to market their sales exceptionally to passersby on their own.”


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