Bogoro wants Bauchi to utilize privileges provided by Buhari


Former Executive Secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (‎Tetfund), Professor Suleman Bogoro has urged Bauchi State to utilize opportunities given to the state by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Bogoro made the plea in Bauchi while speaking as chairman of the occasion at the Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day of Giwo Science Academy, Bauchi.
The former Tetfund scribe noted that Bauchi has gotten a second chance by the various appointments in high positions given to indigenes of the state.
He recalled that Bauchi state got a chance to be transformed during former president Jonathan’s administration when it sons were also given powerful positions in the federal government.
Professor Suleman Bogoro however lamented that most of the appointees and some people in government ended up fighting and undermining each other while the state and its people‎ suffered.
Bogoro therefore called on the people of Bauchi State especially the elites not to miss a second chance by neglecting their responsibilities and cooperating with all stakeholders to develop the state.
He observed that President Muhammadu Buhari has elevated the state to a higher level looking at the appointments he made from the state.
On education, Bogoro called on leaders from the northern part of the country to invest in education as, according to him, the region still lags behind in education as such it needs massive investment and commitment from its leaders.
He explained that if northern leaders invest in the right areas, the region will have reason to celebrate in the not so distant future.
Bogoro also noted that the anti-corruption crusade embarked upon by President Buhari will put Nigeria in a better shape which will be appreciated by Nigerians.
“If institutional corruption is curbed, most of the challenges facing the country will be reduced to the barest minimum. We also need thorough socio-political and moral transformation in order to move the country forward,” he concluded.


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