Blame govt for fake Doctors – AGPNP President


Blame govt for fake Doctors – AGPNP President
By; OJO SHOLA, Kaduna
National Association of General Private Nursing Practitioners (AGPNP) has said governments at all levels should be blamed for quackery in the health sector, the association’s President, Reverend (Dr.) Joseph Olawale, claimed.
Dr. Olawale, who stated this Wednesday in Kaduna during the 4th Annual General Meeting and Scientific conference of AGPNP, said this is because the government allowed anybody who has financial capability to establish hospital without the necessary formal training in line with medical rules and regualtions.
According to him, though not only Medical Doctors have the exclusive right of establishing and owning hospitals, the Nurse too can establish but government must ensure that only certified personnel by the Nursing Council are allowed to engage in such practice.
“The problem of quackery is enormous, so serious but we must go to the root cause of it. And it is caused by all public hospitals, private hospitals be you Doctors or Nurses because those who work as cleaners in their days, when they retire they are going to set up hospitals. And the Nigeria law backs them when the law asks anybody that has money to open health centres.
“And even some of the government and international agencies trains what they called Traditional Birth Attendant, TBA who will now go to the public and become something else by setting up hospital where they will continue to practice.
“You will see some people training Auxiliary Nurses, what is the meaning of Auxiliary Nurses? So on the issue of quackery; it seems as if the government is not even ready to curtail it. Because if the government is ready, only Nursing and Midwifery Council is able to train anybody.
“So that’s an aberration and an insult if anybody will say they are training auxiliary nurses,” Dr. Olawale queried.


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