Bishop Lamido advise KDSG to withdraw religious bill


By; Sani Aliyu, Zaria.
Bishop Ali Buba Lamido of Anglican Communion, Wusasa Diocese has called on the Kaduna State Government to refrain from the provocative and unconstitutional expedition by withdrawing the religious bill sent to the state Assembly as well the repealed of the 1984 edict.
He made the call at the seventh Synod held at the Gen. T . Y. Danjuma Hall, St. Barth’s Schools Wusasa, Zaria at the weekend.
Bishop Lamido said there is no need creating a rancorous atmosphere that is capable of inciting members of the public and creating the very religious acrimony and hostility that the bill purports or seeks to cure.
According to him, no government in Nigeria can validly subject Nigerians that have elected them to manifest or propagate their religion or belief as Christian or Islamic preacher to the requirement of obtaining license which is not the business of the government.
“The constitution cannot allow any state to dabble into religious affairs of the citizens to the extent of establishing the so called Inter faith ministerial committee to regulate the practice of religion”.
“We are duty bound to uphold the secular character of the Nigerian state, the various offences in section 12 of the bill are ultra vires the Legislative powers of the Kaduna state House of Assembly”.
Bishop Lamido said, the religion bill is aimed at checking the activities of preachers in the state are a replication of the 1984 law enacted by the military with some slight modification.
In order to move the country forward the Bishop advised government to be true to its programmes and appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to avoid sycophants, as it is time to roll the sleeves.
“As the country is gradually moving to the edge of a precipice, the point at which Nigeria cross the thin red line is so close and the forces pushing us to destruction are more than those pulling us away from it, so we need to raise altars for our country Nigeria.
“We must press on, we will not give up, our God is on the throne and has promised to be with us through thick and thin, our nation can be a better place if we look up to this God, if we depend on him”.
On the pipeline vandalization Bishop Lamido observed that it seems Nigeria problems are unending because government is trying to resolve a crisis in one region another one crops up which is sending bad signals to investors coming to Nigeria.
Government should fight those vandals to the core who are sabotaging the development of our country and they should be treated as common criminals.
“It’s a constant temptation to dwell excessively upon the past, worry too much about the future or be distracted by the superficial images of popular culture from the reality that God gives is. When we look at our economy teetering on the brink of collapse, there are reasons for all of us to be concerned”.
The theme of the Synod is “pressing on” which requires a concentrated and sustained efforts to focus on the present and real challenges on the path before us.


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