B/Haram not religious group but criminals —Police boss


THE Boko Haram group is not a religious group and has no religious agenda, but a criminal group which is bent on making life miserable for the majority of Nigerians according to Kaduna State police boss, Olufemi Adenaike who however said with the equipment the Nigerian Police is sourcing, the security agents would soon defeat the insurgency and bring security challenges to the barest minimum.
Adenaike made the assertion yesterday at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna Council Round-Table discussion on security challenges in the North held at Arewa House.
Adenaike said the Police have realised that road blocks and brandishing of arms cannot solve the problem, except through intelligence, gathering, regretting that people are afraid to come forward and aid the security agents with reliable information that would help curb the menace.
“Boko Haram is worse and different from Maitatsine,” he stressed.
According to him, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) always refers to the group as “hoodlums” because there is nothing religious about them but a group of people with criminal tendencies.”
He said taming the group has taken the security agents this long because understanding their ideology and other aims was not easy.
He also remarked that the Police has done, is doing and would continue to do to defeat the insurgency.
Other nations are also not resting on their oars in tackling similar challenges and Nigeria is liaising such countries to overcome the challenges, he added.
Also speaking at the event, Barrister Bello Mohammed Magaji clamoured for the amendment of the electoral act to reflect the wishes of the majority of the electorates.
He decried a situation where those who normally emerge in electoral contest are always, not the choice of the majority of the electorate. Such development, he said, breeds conflicts and insecurity, he argued.
He suggested that an all inclusive system will allay the fears of the people about their leaders and the decision they take on their behalf which can make or mar their life.
He also called for the strengthening of the international borders to halt the free flow of aliens and arms and ammunition used by some of these insurgency groups.


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