BB4P to expedite action in creating peace zones across Nigeria


BB4P to expedite action in creating peace zones across Nigeria
By; Jacob Onjewu Dickson
The Basketball For Peace (BB4P) will expedite action in ensuring that at least, one peace zone is established with a functional basketball court and peace clubs in secondary schools of the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria.
This was part of the resolution adopted at the end of its 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Zaria, between December 11 and 12.
The communiqué which was signed and made available to newsmen by the BB4P Operations Manager, Innocent Enesi, emphasized the need to create new peace zones, as well as maintaining the existing ones.
Other important decisions taken, include the creation of business venture to ensure availability of funds for the execution of their programmes. “We have agreed to market three different products and the profits would be used in organizing competitions at the peace zones. The products are Dream Milk, which is being produced by Akeem Olajuwon, Organago which is a special blend of coffee and Bio-disc, a mineral that energizes water and helps people to maintain good health,” it stated.
On plans for developing the game of basketball at the grassroots, which coincidentally is the theme for this year’s AGM, it was agreed that veterans must play a crucial role.
“It is only the veterans association that can develop the game at the grassroots, as such, each state coordinator must ensure that  an association of veterans is formed in each of their states, comprising of not less than 10 members,” the communiqué added.
Meanwhile, at the AGM, BB4P Programme Manager, Coach Oliver B. Johnson reminded the state coordinators to remain focused and never lose track of the reason why the organization was established 12 years ago.
“We must never lose track of our vision which is to use basketball as a medium to promote peace and education in areas of conflict,” he admonished.
Speaking further, he explained that the main goal of the organization was to harness the nation’s grassroots youth by engaging them positively through basketball.


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