Bauchi security workers plead for payment of allowances backlog


By; Mohammed Kawu, Bauchi
Spider Web Security Workers Union has sent a ‘Save Our Soul’ (SOS) to the Bauchi State Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar over their predicament of non-payment of eleven months allowances.
The Chairman and Secretary , Danjuma Ayyuba and Kabir Jibrin respectively, supported by tens of hundreds of union members pleaded with the Governor to salvage them from the hardships of non-payment of the backlog.
The union leaders, who described Abubakar as ‘Humane Governor’, observed that the Governor might not be aware of their predicaments for non-payment of their entitlements, attributable to communication gap from his lieutenants in the service.
The spider security workers said however that they have recently written to eleven state commissioners intimating them about their plight that culminated to their children out of school, ejecting some from rented houses while others forced to even divorce their wives.
“As a result of non-payment of our meager allowances, some of us developed hypertension leading to paralysis, some have their children no longer in schools, a lot have been ejected from rented houses while a lot have been reduced to mere beggars in the society”, workers cried out.
The spider web security workers who said they have been working for almost nine years as casual workers, called on the able-leadership of Governor Mohammed Abubakar to, as citizens of Bauchi state, convert their appointments to permanent and pensionable employment in tandem with government’s youth employment programme.
They also described their patience on the predicaments to the virtue of their training and loyalty in the pursuit of legitimate demands without necessarily embarking on unbecoming or unruly behaviour or disturbance to public peace and pledged to chart the path of honour until their demands are truly met.
Citing the adage ‘An idle mind is the devil workshop’, the security workers said should they pose as disloyal or disgruntle in the quest for their demands, and for the government to sack them numbering about 2, 000 in the struggle, they would have become security threat and social nuisance to the society.
“If we are initially employed for the sake of rehabilitation, we are now fully rehabilitated through trainings and modus operandi with most of us even with families. In addition, some of us are secondary school leavers, some holds diplomas and even degrees, so we are already useful members of the society” they said.
After all, the spider security workers stated, as youth they are part and parcel of the 2015 electoral change train that saw the emergence of APC government in Bauchi, popularly and overwhelmingly voted by the electorates for the much needed socio-economic and political transformation of the state.


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