Bauchi Imam Counsels against debt burdens


By; Mohammed Kawu, Bauchi.
Imam, Jodan Friday Mosque, Kofar Dumi in Bauchi, Alhaji Rabi’u Shehu has counseled leaders and individual burden with debt to offset them before the inception of the forthcoming Ramadan if they intend getting the bounties of Allah.
“Individuals and leaders alike who have debt burden or owes other people should abide by the injunctions of offsetting such burdens or debts for them to have the bounties of Allah during the Ramadan period”, he said.
Ustaz Rabi’u Shehu in his Friday sermon, specifically spoke about settlement of salaries and pension backlog owes workers and pensioners by either public and private institutions or authorities to ensure settling the backlog of debts to enable them prosper.
He told the Jumm’at congregation that some canny persons see it wise to owe their fellow human beings financially or materially for the simple fact of comforting themselves with luxuries such as cars, houses, women or affluence.
Imam Rabi’u also advised business moguls or traders to avoid hiking the prices of their commodities, especially food stuff or vegetables during or prior to the commencement of the Ramadan fast, describing such acts as detrimental to their livelihood.
He cited example with Niger Republic where traders or business leaders Thursday resolved not to jerk-up prices of their commodities and goods, or even subside the prices for those who want to assist the less-privilege during the Ramadan period.
The Imam wants their Nigeria’s counterparts or Trade and Commerce Minister to organize such meeting for similar decision or resolution emulating their Nigerien counterparts for the economic prosperity of the country and its people.
Shehu therefore stressed the need for the Muslim faithful to renew their submission to the wills of Allah especially with the forthcoming blessed month of Ramadan for His bounties and appeasement.


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