BASG distributes relief material to the less-privileged


Bauchi State Government has in its efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the less-privileged members of the society, brought about by the current global recession and food scarcity, flagged-off distribution of relief materials to the down-trodden.
Flagging-off the distribution in Bauchi, Governor Mohammed Abubakar explained that the measure is also geared to peg down prices of food stuff in the blessed month of Ramadan.
The Governor recalled that his government has recently during the flag-off of the federal government’s relief assistance to the less-privileged persons in the state, promised to replicate the gesture to meet the growing demands of the entire needy people of Bauchi State.
To this end, he disclosed that the state government has provided relief materials worth millions of naira comprising twenty trailer load of millet, ten trucks of rice, five trucks of sugar, and additional fifteen trucks of maize from the federal government.
He described the sufferings being encountered by Nigerians generally and indeed global community as an attestation by the Almighty God upon His servants to show them magnificent supremacies and wisdom as guide to right paths.
“Such sufferings and calamities are not geared to bug down people or servants of God but rather a testament for the believers about their faith as to whether or not they will endure such for His bounties”, Abubakar said.
The Governor prayed for the good people of the state to cross the hurdles or testament being affected by their creator, hence the state’s leadership resolve to salvage the less-privileged from the anguishes of poverty and want.
“It is for this reason that we are gathered here today to witness the flag-off distribution of these materials to the less-privileged people in the state for whom the measure to alleviate their sufferings was taken”, he said.
Abubakar said that the state government has already appointed a nine-man special committee comprising persons of proven integrity and non-partisanship led by Sheikh Ibrahim Disina to ensure that the relief materials are fairly distributed to all nooks and crannies of the state.
The Committee chairman, Sheikh Ibrahim Disina has in a response, vowed that as a non-partisan person, himself and committee members will ensure that the materials reach the persons to whom the relief was intended.
“Though I’m disturbed about the appointment as the chairman of this committee for it is a great challenge to me especially at this era of politics for I’m neither a politician no a lecturer on politics in any educational institution, but rather saw the committee appointment as government’s resolve to ensure that the relief materials fairly reach the door-step of the needy in parts of the state”, Disina said.
Sheikh Ibrahim Disina assured the government that the committee members will by the grace of God, cooperation and advises from good and imminent persons in the state, justify the confidence repose in them.


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