Balarabe Musa to Nigerians: blame FG for fuel scarcity By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.


Balarabe Musa to Nigerians: blame FG for fuel scarcity
By; Amos Tauna, Kaduna.
Former Governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji AbdulKadir Balarabe Musa  has blamed the federal government for its inability to take full charge of the affairs of the country by ensuring that those responsible for the prolong fuel scarcity were brought to book to put an end the suffering Nigerians are going through for the past two months.
Speaking to New Nigerian in Kaduna, the former governor lamented that President Buhari should be blamed as the Minister of Petroleum for his inability to properly handle the fuel situation in the country, since inception of his administration.
He wandered where the fuel that black marketers sell in all nooks and crannies of the country come from, saying, “This goes to show the insensitivity of the present administration to the plight of those they say they are representing. President Muhammadu Buhari as the minister of Petroleum has proved his incapability to lead Nigeria to the change of turning the country around for good the APC claim it was
capable of bringing to past in the country.”
Balarabe said the fuel situation may not come to an end
easily because according to him, most of the filling stations are owned by either former governors, past leaders or their friends, relatives, children and associates.
“We are in for another serious problem in the country since we have a government that is insensitive to the problems of the common man. We demanded for change in the country and we have voted for change but we were not conscious of the type of change we were looking for, we have ourselves to blame for whatever comes our way as a nation.
“The federal and state governments should be blamed for the mess we are going through in the country. For there to be enough oil all over the streets of Nigeria in the name of black market, it means something is wrong with the leaders we have today because they allow things to go the way they are in Nigeria today,” he stressed.
The former governor expressed dismay that it is only in Nigeria that there is no law and order, pointing out that people are left with no choice but to do what they feel like doing without any hindrance from the law enforcement agents. “How can you explain a situation of a country like Nigeria as an oil producing country, yet its citizens are
suffering from fuel scarcity thereby crippling the economy of the country and worst still, people are suffering in the midst of plenty,” he queried.
The way out from this mess, he observed, “If our so called leaders will have a rethink and come to the reality of life and do the needful, live by example, things will definitely be in order for the general good of all Nigerians. Unless we realize this basic principle of life, we may not get the way out of our present predicament.”


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