Babershop: The Business of Beauty for Men of Class


Barbing business is a profitable venture and one that grows into a franchise if well managed as any business of beauty or make up is in great demand always.
A good barbershop will always have customers, even in a recession. Human hair will not stop growing just because the economy isn’t.
The average man cares about his look and visits the barber’s shop every week, parting with between N200 and N500 as service cost, thereby spending between N800 and N2,000 in a month.
Therefore, we can safely assume that a barbershop with an average of 100 customers per month, can earn between N80, 000 and N500,000 every month.
Henry Phillip who is a secondary school certificate holder waiting for admission into tertiary institutions, sees the need to engaged  in barbershop where he would be paid to save for school fees whenever he got admission.
Henry talked about the general styles for average men; the low cut. He said it is meant for everybody, because it is simple, mature and looks good on everyone.
He said he got his training when he visited his uncle in the barbing shop, this pave way for him to assist him, and he was opportune to be in charge anytime his uncle is away.
According to hi, you must offer your customers the best of services and there is no better way than to get the appropriate training.
A barbershop located in Kaduna city centre, has trained many of young and old men within six months on hair cutting, styling and treatment.
Much more than everyday style, you need to keep up with styles that are in vogue, he added. He said, if you intend to attract the choicest customers, your location must speak for your business.
However, one of the challenges is that whenever there is no power supply, customers will not want to patronise them because the charges will be higher for them to pay.
He advice the young ones to find something doing, so that they will not be victims of devils work.


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