AUN launches ‘Feed and Read’ Programme for girls


Like their male counterparts, girls have the right to education and skill acquisition, the right to career choice and self actualisation. Girls education is pertinent for the attainment of national development.
It is in recognition of this fact that the American University of Nigeria (AUN), launch the Feed and Read Program for vulnerable girls, orphans and IDPs girls in the state.
In her welcome address, the President of AUN, Margee Ensign said the launch is a dream comes true for her as the girl child has been at a disadvantage because of cultural belief, poverty and other reasons.
According to her, this program is going to address the issue of the girl child; Feed and Read program will educate the girl for a better tomorrow.
“When a country educates its girls, everything in that country change for better, all hands must be on deck to support the education of our girls”, she stated.
Introducing the program to the public, the Executive Director, Nkem Uzowulu, said the program is aimed at feeding disadvantage girls, in the process teaching them.
According to her, the Irish government said let’s have 50 girls to feed with education but we now have 200 girls.
“Girls need to be educated to acquire knowledge and skills, needed to advance their status, such education also prepares them to face realities in the society and equally teaches her to be a good wife and mother in future”, she disclosed.
“Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power of enabling them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead”, she stated further.
Uzowulu however assured that the Feed and Read program for girls will not fail because AUN never fails.
Responding on behalf of the parents, Doctiwa Adamu, a pastoral Fulani thanked the authorities of AUN for the good initiative.
He said he is happy to see his girls reciting the alphabet, something he never thought will be possible, thus encourage the continuity of such program for the betterment of their daughters.


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