Appreciate Sacrifices Of Armed Forces, MOD Tells Nigerians

Acting Director Defence Information (DDI), Brigadier General John Agim


Acting Director Defence Information, Brigadier General John Agim has urged Nigerians to appreciate the countless sacrifices and efforts of the armed forces  of Nigeria in ensuring peace and security.

Brigadier Agim who made the plea during his familiarization visit to some media houses in Abuja on resumption of office, added that the military symbolizes the unity, strength, relevance and sovereignty of Nigeria and that its diversities becomes source of strength rather than division.

He said that their is relative peace and stability in the North Eastern part of the country hitherto occupied by Boko Haram insurgents and that these efforts has made life meaningful for Nigerians.

“The military deployment in various states and troubled spots in the country underscores the strategic economic interest of the nation. The collective task of nation building through its primary and other auxiliary services like corporate social responsibility, activities, medical outreach and provision of basic amenities to displaced persons are all contributions of the armed forces of Nigeria to national development.”

“We should not forget the men and women of the armed forces who laid down their lives during the first and second world war and the various internal disturbances in the country. Also, the Nigerian military”s massive efforts in restoring peace and stability in many African countries,” he concluded.


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