APGA Scribe Accuses Malami, Abuja Cabals Of Plotting To Make Uba Anambra Governor At All Costs



The National Coordinator of the All Progressives Grand Alliance Media Warriors Forum,
Chinedu Obigwe, on Thursday named the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, as being among the Abuja cabal that promised to make the All Progressives Congress (APC) Andy Uba the next governor of Anambra State at all cost.

Obigwe who was reacting to the threat by the Federal Government of a possible state of emergency in the state in a statement said that any proclamation of a state of emergency in Anambra would be an invitation to anarchy because the people of the state would resist such unconstitutional audacity.

He said that APC leaders are aware that they are not in existence in the state, hence, the reason they first hatched a plot of buying over some members of the House of Assembly to impeach the Governor and the plot was thwarted

“I’m not surprised that Malami, the Attorney General of the Federation had the effrontery to issue the a threat of state of emergency in Anambra because I know that he is part of the APC cartel at the national level that promised Andy Uba that they will help him to take Anambra by force.”

“What Malami has succeeded in doing with this his latest declaration of emergency rule in Anambra threat is that he has told Nigerians and the World at large that APC are the sponsors of the killings in Anambra.

“Infact, someone even said that with how APC leadership are neck deep in their plot to take over Anambra by fire by force that they have compromised security agents for them to look the other way when ndi Anambra are being murdered in cold blood by their so called unknown gunmen.

“Malami has revealed the identity of the unknown gunmen terrorising ndi Anambra and they are the APC brood of vipers in Anambra and Abuja.

“I’m happy with the backlash that followed Malami threat. Even a foremost Human right lawyer in the person of Femi Falana rose in defence of Governor Obiano by warning Malami that APC-led Federal government should not hide under emergency rule to remove Anambra Governor.

“Falana went further to remind Malami that President Buhari lacks the constitutional power to remove an elected governor and that an elected governor can only be removed through impeachment or resignation.

“He also said that constitutionally the President can only use declaration of emergency rule to deploy troops to fight insecurity in a State but not to remove an elected Governor”, he stated.

Obigwe stressed that APC is desperate because all its evil plot are being exposed and thwarted by Anambra people.

He added, ”APC leaders know that they are not in existence in Anambra and for that reason they first hatched a plot of buying over some members of the House of Assembly to impeach the Governor and the plot was thwarted.

“They now resorted to sponsoring killings in Anambra State to frighten and instill fear on the minds of ndi Anambra in a condemnable bid to stop them from coming out en-mass to exercise their democratic franchise on November 6th.



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