APC Not Yet A Political Party – Babangida Aliyu

By; BALA B. BITRUS, Minna.
It would take another ten years for the All Progressive Congress (APC) to grow into a real political party, the strong man of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and former Governor of Niger State, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu has said.
Dr. Babangida Aliyu said in an interview in his Minna residence that the concomitant of voices and shades of opinions within the governing All Progressive Congress is a reflection of the varied political platforms which came together at the twilight of the 2015 because of the massive outcries over impunity within the then governing Peoples Democratic Party which had governed the country for 16 years.
He projected that the ongoing confusion, backstablings, backlash effects over certain policies, steps taken and programmes of the governing All Progressive Congress would continue in the next five to ten years before the APC could be described as a true, tested party if it weathers the storm and stand the test of time within the next ten years as he projected.
The former governor argued that the governing All Progressive Congress was still basking in the euphoria of a band wagon backlash that streamed against the PDP in the pre 2015 political turmoil but quickly added that the All Progressive Congress got power so cheaply on a platter of gold especially when five state governors of the PDP along with some big wigs of the PDP and their supporters pulled out of the PDP over leadership crises within the PDP on the heels of the 2015 general elections which gave the APC an unmerritted reigns of power.
The former governor fielded questions from newsmen in his house on the backdrop of the the recent exodus of some big wigs of the PDP in the state to the governing All Progressive Congress in the state. He described those who left the PDP in the state as politicians who were without ideology nor commitment to the ideals of the party in the true sense of political creed and identity.
He denounced insinuations in some quarters that he was planning to also jettison the umbrella and move into the governing All Progressive Congress saying the APC would collapse as a pack of cards in no distant future just as he predicted that as a strange bed fellows, disagreement, disenchantment amongst members of the APC, clash of interest and differences in shades amongst those who flooded into the APC would persist to the break of the conglomerate of what APC is at the moment.
”I have no intention of leaving the PDP. I am in PDP and i will continue to remain in the party. It is the platform that gave me the opportunity to serve my state for eight years. If the PDP fails to get it right in 2019, then the party would have mess up itself and then it would be that the party has left us but certainly not me leaving the party” he declared.
He said the APC as it is today, is a Tower of Babel with opposing views, voices and interest from the rested Action Congress of Nigeria, (ACN), the CPC, the Alliance for Democracy, a breakaway faction of the APGA led by Rochas Anayo Okorocha the All Nigeria Peoples Party and the five governors who left the PDP to form the amalgamation called APC.
Dr. Babangida Aliyu said the governing APC has woefully failed the country in just three years of being on the driver’s seat, (governance). He said those in the governing All Progressive Congress had made over 222 promises to Nigerians without fulfilling a single one in their three years of being on the saddle of power.
He said it was lamentable and disheartening that the governing All Progressive Congress was still trading blames rather than settle down to face realities of governance three years after it had seized the reigns of power.
The former governor argued that any government that wastes precious times castigating it’s predecessor, and refuses to get down to face realities, such a political party has missed the point and is only fooling itself and has no business in being in government.
”For me, i think the APC led government has failed Nigerians. And this can be attributed to the way and manner the amalgamation of parties were conscripted to form the APC as it is currently. It is a union of strange bed fellows with varying and divergent interest, different party manifestors and with members who have different reasons for being in politics and for being in government.”
He said Nigerians were not fools for any government to subjected to years of witch huntings, shadow chasing and doing the Ostrich playing game with citizens’ collective intelligence.
He advised Nigerians to to mindful of the pathological lies and deceitful styles of the governing All Progressive Congress in the country and be watchful..
He said even the promises of restructuring the country by the APC led administration was one of those verbose political promises in view of the up coming general elections in the country and therefore urged Nigerians to once beaten, twice wiser.


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