APC accuses Mimiko of insensitivity to workers plight


By; Odeyemi Samuel, Akure.
All Progressive Congress (APC), in Ondo state has pointed accusing finger at the state Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko of economic incompetence.
A statement released by the Director of Media & Publicity of APC, Mr. Steve Otaloro expressed regret that Mimiko who pledged to work for the people at his inauguration seven years ago is yet to fulfil the promise few months to the end of his second term.
“Dr. Olusegun Mimiko in the way he’s piloting the affairs of Ondo State, a man who prides himself as running a “Caring Heart Government” and boasted at his inauguration in 2009 before the people of Ondo State that ‘I Will Work For You’ could be this callous and heartless about the plight of workers in the state”.
He said, Workers in the State are currently mourning and groaning under serious economic hardship as they have not received their salaries in a record of almost five months.
According to him, this action of the Mimiko led administration has almost paralysed the civil service as many civil servants now sit at home since they could not afford the means of transportation to their various Offices.
Consequently, this development has had an adverse effect on the economic activities in the state, which are now at the lowest ebb in the history of the state.
The APC image maker said  the reasons workers in the state are being owed much salaries is because Dr. Olusegun Mimiko is decorously bothered on how to plant a surrogate to succeed him and cover up all his tracks and maladministration.
The only possible way PDP could win the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state, in the mind of Mimiko, he said is to purchase the peoples conscience outright.
He noted as alarming, the rate at which Governor Mimiko has lost the  confidence of the teeming populace, has the believe that the people of Ondo State could never trust him again with their votes.
This he said has led to applications of various devices to finding means  of earning their trust by seriously impoverishing the people through his programmes and policies and by stock piling cash that should have been ordinarily used to pay workers to buy their votes on the election day.


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