Anti corruption war is recouping the national cake – Agbaje


By; Odeyemi Samuel, Akure.
The former Chairman, National Association of People With Disability (JONAWP), in Osun state, Mr. Nasiru Hammed Agbaje has described the anti–corruption war of President Mohammed Buhari as an attempt to ”recoup the national cake”
Speaking in an interactive session with Journalists in Ilesa, Ilesa West Local Government of Osun state, Mr. Agbaje expressed concern that the war should be broad based and not targeted towards the oppositions.
According to him, the war should be wholistic in nature, cutting across those that stole the nation’s money and not to witch hunt perceived oppositions which has adverse effect on the dwindling nature of the nation’s economy.
According to him, “there should be plan for monies recovered which should be properly accounted for and be put into judicious use for the benefit of the masses, let Buhari liaise with those countries where the bulk of the money are kept”.
While suggesting the need for the nation to diversify from oil to Agriculture and Mining, he said Nigeria should stop acting as a dumping ground of foreign products but rather put an end to importation of ”Tokunbos”.
He however sounded prophetic as he said, ”ten Buhari can not perform the magic unless God intervenes, since the naira has being bastardised, it is only God that can make the nation better while assuring that it is when Nigerians change their thinking faculties that Buhari’s effort can be fruitful.
Agbaje also commended the Presidents’ battle against the insurgents which he said is on course, adding that ”at least the military is gaining upper hands because their (Boko Haram) kind of gorrilar war is hide and seek, which has being very sickening and not people friendly.
”Their kind of operation is very devilish for Buhari to win all alone without the assistance of other nations as they detonate bombs here and there on daily basis”, Agbaje said.


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