Anti Corruption war in Nigeria transcend mere arrest and jailing of offenders -ICPC boss


Anti Corruption war in Nigeria transcend mere arrest and jailing of offenders -ICPC boss
By; Bayo Akamo, Ibadan.
The Provost of Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria, Professor Sola Akinrinade has declared that the on-going war against corruption in the country should go beyond mere arrest and jailing of offenders.
Professor Akinrinade said this in Ibadan at the  opening of  the UNDP-sponsored training programme on Grant and Project management for civil organisations, held at the Institute of International Tropical Agriculture (IITA).
According to him,”experience has shown that the fight against corruption should transcend the arrest and jailing of offenders to enlightenment” hence the need to prevent and enlighten the peoples on the ills of corruption.
Professor Akinrinade stressed that it is not surprising that over the years, there has been a preoccupation with the enforcement element of the mandates of the anti-corruption agencies, particularly the arrest and prosecution of offenders. The support of the ICPC for this programme through the involvement of the Anti-Corruption Academy should thus be seen in this context,” he said.
The Provost maintained that it has become clear over the years that the war against corruption is a long drawn one as “corruption” has turned out to be a cat with several lives: the phenomenon keeps reinventing itself even as new approaches to tackle it emerge.
“On our own, anti-corruption agencies cannot win the battle. Rather we need to build coalitions and construct alliances as we bring more agencies and partners on board. For the civil society organisations identified by the UNDP as partners working in this field, the need for capacity building cannot be underestimated”, she said.
The Provost pointed out that the present leadership of the ICPC “while not neglecting the enforcement mandate, the leadership has sought to pursue a more sustainable approach by engaging vigorously and actively with the corruption prevention mandate through the examination of corruption prone systems and procedures of public agencies with a view to minimising corruption, educating the public on, and against bribery, corruption and other related vices and seeking and fostering public support in combating corruption.”
Dr Eme Owoaje, of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, in his paper  titled “overview of grantsmanship and conceptualisation of proposal for grants”, admonished the participants to acquire skills in writing acceptable proposals said “it is very important that people know how to develop a research proposal. People need to be trained on how they can write or plan their proposal. This is because without particular plan they will not be able to accomplish what they’ve set out to do.
“It is important they have this knowledge and skills to write appropriate proposals that are in response to the problem they have identified. They must demonstrate expertise, excellence, focus and be time conscious, show integrity and be dedicated to the course.”


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