An Ode To The Planet: The Need For A Global Pledge To Make 2022 A Climate Friendly Year A Step Before Catastrophe



How brutal and wicked have we been
We encroached ancients lines, We troubled space and ruptured our peace
We messed everything massed by nature for good , We have in so many ways murdered sleep And sleep has become distant.

We tore the atmosphere with cruel emissions, In greed we stretched the limits of space, We pride in our finds and fund despoliation, We unsettle the seas and provoke the atmosphere ,In arrogance we undermine the urgency of now.

The carbons have risen and the planet burns nay Prometheus unbound
The Trees are felled with impish impunity
Nature smashed with little refrain for karma, Today we groan having grown careless.

Flood bloodies our space
Wild fires wind down the wild
Hurricane and tornado untamed still
Heat waves wane our joy,
Prometheus unbound nay we murdered sleep for in greed we tore nature’s harmony.

We amass waste and lay mass to waste
We defile the atmosphere and think we have time, As the healing hands of nature is numbed by pollution
Our planet groans ,Gradualism will do no good , We must take action and the time is now.

To rebuild our planet and heal the atmosphere is to live
To push climate redemption is creed
To preach about Climate Change and save our universe is gold
To protect the atmosphere is to Save our Planet
To love our World we must keep the climate safe so it doesn’t claim the clime
Be guided.

Thin down the carbons
Grow the greens
Thin down the plastics and the cellophanes
Use Paper
Kill the pollution
Keep the Planet safe
For we shall reap what we sow.

Dump the weapons of war and of violence
Raise the platforms of dialogue and peaceful engagement
Unlock the waters of love and wash away the stench of hate
For in War and conflict we lose
And our Planet suffers.

Never hail the War monger or the Armourer
Lampoon for all times the Holocaust
Shame the violent Praise the peaceful
For the polluting fume of hate and war is poison to the soul
Let’s Heal our Planet.

Across the Continents
From Cities to Countries
From Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Burma
From the Tsunamis of Bali to the wildfires of Brazil
From the Tonado in Kentucky to the wildfires of Colorado
From the Spills of Nembe to the mess of Ogoniland
The call has and will always be for a more responsible and responsive humanity.

Let’s pamper the Planet
Let’s keep the Climate Safe
And make a Pledge To a Cleaner universe in 2022, only that way can we stave off the looming catastrophe.

Happy New Year, as we resolve to make our Planet cleaner and safer.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr writes from


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