Albani Zaria: The Death Of A Living Legend 8 Years Ago (Tribute)



The Crime was theirs, but they killed him.
The fault was outrightly theirs but they killed him

No crime of his but they faulted for his truth and killed him.

For the sake of western education, adoption is good in the teachings of Islam the renegade group saw him as a goat among the sheep to be slaughtered.

But karma is a bitch, I believe in this law in which good thoughts, deeds, and words, may lead to beneficial effects, while bad thoughts, deeds, and words, may lead to harmful effects.

Mallam you lived for good. 8 years ago, when they rejected the truth from you, the Karma bitch is working bad against them.

I remember you today, I called our good time shared in the then FUT YOLA. In the department of information and communication technology.

I’m a Christian in all sense, you were a revered Islamic scholar with your voice being heard all over the world, but your humility and down-to-earth Lifestyle brought our paths together.

On a Sunday afternoon, whenever you came visited, at the doorsteps was always your voice; ” Dan Garba kaje chuchi kuwa?” “Alkarmakallah naje”. Meaning have you been to Church? With a voice of respect, I will say yes my scholar.

In tears, I recalled those days not because I had a personal encounter of your goodness but because Nigeria and Nigerians have missed a good Man. They have missed a truth-teller who would have helped in straight up to our crooked ways as a nation.

The Muslim Ummah has missed an erudite scholar, a Man lettered with Islamic teachings. A perfect example of good savvy of Islam religion.

To the Christian who believes in inter-religion harmony. Albani was one with contemporary and religious tolerance. One of the reasons he was killed and seen with religious laxity.

I’m glad, you are gone, like the prophet of old. All you preached against, all you condemned, all you said was wrong, is all that is coming to pass.

Mallam, dead or alive I still love you. Right now I believe you are somewhere good. Being happy because you are rewarded you lived a good life.

Allah shi Jikam Mallam Albani, Ya saka masa da Rahama.


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