Agom Adara: Now that he is the grand commander of NANS


Recently, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) conferred on the Agom Adara III, Mr. Maiwada Galadima the meritorious award of Excellence. The award is the highest ever given to any traditional ruler in the country by NANS, there by elevating the Agom Adara to the status of the Grand Commander of the Association. The event which took place at the chief’s palace, Kachia in Kaduna State, was attended by the National officers of the association and graced by dignitaries from far and wide.
According to NANS, this award was made in recognition of the Agom Adara’s exemplary leadership style and his magnanimity in uplifting and the betterment of education in Adara chiefdom in particular and Nigeria in general. NANS described the Agom Adara as a role model for the younger generation, considering his humane and accommodating nature – the rare qualities that have helped tremendously in propelling one of the largest and complex chiefdoms in Kaduna State to be a most peaceful environment in Northern Nigeria, inspite of the current security challenges. While presenting the award to the Agom Adara, Comrade Mohammed Kabir Matazu, Director of contact and mobilization of NANS, noted that his Royal Highness palace bored a profile of an exceptional and unparallel true Nigeria culture of service to humanity that is rarely found else where.
“It is therefore with pride and justifiable the choice of this leader of alluring simplicity for this prestigious award of the commander of the Nigerian Students,” comrade Matazu remarked, noting that what they found upon arrival at the palace of his Royal Highness was far more than what the assessment committee chronicled.
He said that inspite of the fact that the Agom Adara is a devoted Christian, the gate of the palace is manned by a Muslim while the palace advisory body is a combination of Christians and Muslims and different ethnic groups. He said that the Agom Adara is indeed a representative of the untiring catalysts for the progressive youths and the right answer to the state’s very complex and puzzling questions.
NANS insisted that the Agom Adara III since his enthronement as a paramount ruler of one of the largest and complex chiefdoms in Kaduna state, has remained committed in making life more rewarding for the ordinary men as well as make his subjects more forward looking in a society that is full of obstacles and particularly in an environment that is suffused with character deficit and ambiguous in principle.
The association-has in principles, syllogises a wide range of an inviting but confirmed decay culture, frustration in high magnitude and ugly challenges confronting the future leader of the country and solicited to be unchained.
In eulogizing the character of his Royal Highness, the Agom Adara III while adding a befitting crown on the first class chief, comrade Abdulsalam Abiola Kazir, the Director of special duties, Office of the National president of NANS, admitted that Mr. Maiwada Galadima was endured with alluring simplicity, humility and down-to-the -earth and this unarguable became the devotional spirit that raised the hope of the students and youths that there was still an abundant of untapped human resources that can be relied on for the prosperity of the country.
NANS condemned the failures and the ineptitudes of the country’s leadership and submitted that lack of good leadership has breeded corruption and all forms of vices that are detrimental to youths Progress and development. The association frowned at the prejudices mounted by selfish leadership, saying that Nigeria was seriously faced with leadership challenges that are susceptible in developing their academic potentials.
It noted that the youths being the major actors are faced with the agony of poverty and the burden of moral decay, saying that the emerging vacuum was not only a threat to the future of the youths and the Nation but was fast heading to an ugly option in place of moral value. NANS submitted that it was in view of searching for rescue route to rediscover the lost glories that it had identified with the Agom Adara’s style of qualitative leadership to help promote all forms of good leadership that will help construct true Nigeria culture of service with integrity in the minds of many. Indeed his choice as a torch bearer for this genuine crusade is not only coherent and thought provoking but timely.
The Agom Adara, Mr. Galadima by his antecedent, has drawn an unquestionable devotion to duty by influencing objectivity in his desire to establishing innovations that will break barriers and obstacles that have brought the Nation to its kneels. As a first class chief, Mr. Galadima has never been troubled by false modesty but has remained a bridge for sustainable unity and development in Adara chiefdom and Kaduna State in general. He is a leader of passion, humility, charisma, religious and exceptionally intelligent.
His story derives its foundation to his philanthropic magnanimity where he is noted for easily reaching out to the needy and selectively a Nigerian with puritanical sense of being the leader that says what he means and means what he says. His large heart transcends beyond the corridors of Adara kingdom and his expansionist leadership’s style adores different religious and tribes both within and outside the chiefdom.
In essence, every major ethnic group in the chiefdom is represented at the Adara traditional council highest decision making body and this has successful culminated in providing a healthy bill for the peace and progress being presently enjoyed in the chiefdom. He is a voice of the voiceless father and leader whose command is never faulted by the subjects.
NANS choice for a commander was never misappropriated but the students have equally raised issues that are inimical to their development as future leaders. They submitted that their future is delicately drifting negatively and hanging in the balance. They complaint that the Nigerian leaders have mortgaged their future for selfish and corruptive tendencies. They have cried out of insecurity, poor educational facilities and lack of total care for their future due to lackadaisical attitudes of those placed in position of authority.
Alhaji H.B Usman, the Danmasanin Timdore -Yelwa, Adamawa state once submitted in a well articulated paper presented many years ago, that for a society to forge ahead and enhance its values, it should seek to change its perception of values in rewarding people which should be on the basic of integrity, honesty, credibility as the custom of the olden days, saying that it has become clear that the problems of Nowadays is the system in place and the people supervising it.
The students and indeed the youths of the nation have raised the fundamental reasons why they have come so far in search of the reservoirs of human kindness and healthy bills ­those leaders and personalities that have the fear of God who have consistently remain the pivots of providing for others to succeed.
They are few but are found. Galadima, who is now the commander of NANS for his unquantifiable and in valued contributions is highly successful in life because his success is measured on how much he had impacted on others, accomplished and produced useful results, rendering services, meeting the needs of the under privileged, solving problems and healing hurting hearts, through valued based contributions. Your choice for an Achiever per excellence award by NANS underscores your relentless efforts to become a genuine leader of success which Nigerians have been earning for.
The Agom Adara, who now doubles as the Commander of the National Association of the Nigerian students sojourning in life began from his childhood Christian blending where he trained as a Catechist, a route to the pinnacle of his childhood ambition.
Born on 11th November, 1954 at Ikuzeh, Rimau District Kajuru LGA of Kaduna State, His Royal Highness, Galadima rose to the royal stool as a first class Chief from being a textile operator, a clerical typist and a classroom teacher. He was one time an administrative officer and later became a unit Head of the Department of Welfare and training of the Kaduna Local Government Service Commission before retiring to take up an appointment as the District Head of Rimau.
On 1st of April, 2007 he was appointed the Agom Adara III as a second class chief. On May 2010 the Chiefdom was upgraded to a first class status where he automatically assumed the status of a first class chief. The upgrading of the Adara chief to the first class status was in recognition of his positive contribution. Galadima since his enthronement on the throne, worked relentlessly to bring relative peace in the chiefdom.
He has indeed- received many accolades and honours from different associations for working tirelessly for the up-liftment of the people and the society.
The choice of NANS for this leader of relevance should remain a reference point for the Agom Adara III to be nationally recognized for setting the pace for others to follow, particularly at this challenging times of insecurity and disquiet, demanding of people of good will to restore.
KURAH wrote-in from Kachia



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