ADC Presidential Aspirant Faults ASUU Over Strike



Presidential aspirant of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Mr. Chukwuka Monye has submitted that education, healthcare and justice are some of the pillars of his economic transformation programme when hopefully he assumes the mantle of leadership of the country comes 2023 polls.
To this end, Monye described as painful the current face-off between ASUU and the Federal Government over allowances, noting with deep concern that ASUU is wasting years and times of young people, which he said, is unacceptable by any standards.
Mr. Monye who was fielding journalists’ questions on Sunday at the Bauchi NUJ secretariat, said, “What I would say at this point is that by God’s grace when I become the president, transformation of the economic system of the country would be my top priority”.
He said, “We cannot have a huge population of youths with very small budget on education. What this implies is that the youths are not our priority. There is no form of economic transformation, economic revolution that would happen without education”.
Describing Nigeria as the poverty capital of the World, the presidential aspirant said, “When you talk about poverty rate, unemployment rate, the reality is that if security is not tackle, there are many things that cannot be handle”.
“Security is one of the enablers of a solid economy, other enablers include justice system, education, healthcare. When you get all these things right, your industries would thrive. When your industries thrive, people begin to afford basic things of life”, Monye said.
According to him, one cannot have industry if he/she don’t tackle security, explaining, “Security issues ban be looked from two angles, social security and physical”.
“If you are idle, you don’t have work to do, you are uneducated, that is recipe for disaster, recipe for insecurity. So our youths have to be gainfully engage, that’s social security, but the physical security has to do with our security infrastructure, the personnel, the tools and everything”.
Monye further explained that the moment Nigerian security forces are made special which pride, he observed, is today no longer there because they are not empowered as they were used to be, hence the need to restore dignity into the armed forces, ‘let there be pride in it by empowering them at all levels’.
Mr. Chukwuka a veteran and seasoned journalist, described ADC as a 3rd force that has been metamorphosing in the past 18 years of its formation, that saw 100 other political parties deregistered by INEC while its stars twinkles and attracting technocrats, intellectuals and professionals into its fold.
He recalled that for the last 20 years of his career spent time doing transformation of businesses and situations both in private and public sectors, as he possessed practical knowledge of doing things with people, business owners, market women, “So it’s not a situation of making promises as was the case with most politicians”.
He contented, “I have been employing people for the past 20 years, I have been building people for the past 20 years. So the knowledge is there and that’s a huge difference with other politicians in the country”.
Monye also stressed the need for politicians to be dynamic and possess technical skills while becoming competence to do the work because, as he said, the ability to only mobilize at grassroots level is not enough, saying “Nigeria is a complex and dynamic nation which requires people to have the exposure to think differently out of the box”.   


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