Adamawa Youth Call On Grace Bent To Contest Southern Senatorial Seat


*say she remains the masses beacon of hope


It was a passionate call, it was desperation by the youth of Adamawa Southern Senatorial District, beckoning on Senator Grace Jackson Bent (CON), to contest the Senate seat from the zone.
The youth on Thursday, converged in Mupe Hotel Numan, in their numbers and begged Bent never to contemplate vying for the Senate seat.
The youth who came from the nine local government areas constituting the Senatorial zone, said, Bent is a former Senator of the zone that has left an indelible mark of reference while serving.
The youth took turns to express her capacity and eligibility to win the 2023 election under the All Progressives Congress (APC).
A councilor aspirant of Dwam Ward, Pwanoelise Lagapiya said he is a living testimony of Bent’s anointing to lead and can’t support any aspirant from anywhere other than her.
According to him, “she is one lioness who is agile in safeguarding her cubs to greatness.
“The lives of people Grace turned around from grass to grace are too numerous for me to mention, I’m one of those she is supporting to be the next councilor of my ward. Go and find out during her term, as a witness, the zone experienced a huge turn around in human and physical development.” He said.
Baba Iyali a supporter of Bent from Ward 3 in Numan Local Government Area, extended the call to all Numan APC stakeholders to rally round her to ensure she gets the ticket of the party.
He said no one among those aspiring to be Senator from that zone is fit, capable, and has  the capacity to win elections from the opposition ruling party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Another youth from Jada Local Government Area, Alhaji Sani Chubado Jada said the legacy of Bent remains alive even while out of office.
Jada said Bent remains the best politician for the Senatorial campaign if APC  wants to win the area.
“Thank God we have a woman who has a record of achievements in the zone, she was tested and found trusted. We are calling her back to continue the good works she has started. No one can do it better than the way she did it, her absence has made us realize the difference, it is a huge gap with great representation defects for our people for almost a decade.
” Ma, come and handle the mantle of leadership, we now understand it’s you that can do the job well, it is you that can serve our people better,” Sani said.
The convener of the youth after extensive deliberation and endorsing her for the 2023 senatorial assignment, Mr. Stanley Demsa read a communique that the youth and the entire people of the Southern zone are calling on her to contest.
He said Senator Grace Bent is a nationalist who has played a national role in making sure Nigeria remains an indivisible country that informed the decision of her meriting the CON national award.
While calling on the youth and the people of the Southern zone to critically consider Bent as the magic woman that will play the magic role in ousting the PDP government in Adamawa State, he said the one-time Senator of the area has remained an indispensable politician and therefore, decided to endorse her for 2023 Senatorial assignment.
Bent who is well known as Goggo Grace, a name she bagged in recognizing her political and philanthropic prowess and lifestyle, Mr. Demsa said the youth have deeply and widely consulted and found out that her political popularity is still intact that can give an overwhelming victory in 2023.
He advised  APC senior stakeholders to consider Bent’s call to contest as an embedded chance for APC to have an overall winning in all the elective positions in Adamawa, stressing that the APC’s elder statesmen support is needed in the interest of all party men.
“Our endorsement and call to Grace to run the 2023 Southern zone Senatorial District was after our careful and logical observations that she still earned the tested and trusted respect. She is still the mother and sister to many, holding the veteran political actor label in terms of humanitarian services with a passion to serve humanity.
” We have seen the negative impact of her absence, we are convinced and we are no longer going to be deceived by incompetent politicians with zero performance for the Southern zone.
“All we have now are desperadoes and specialists using campaign of calumny and anti-people propaganda to score cheap political  points. We are better enlightened now than before, no more hate speech of whatsoever t against Grace will be accepted, it will no longer sell, I bet you. We are now battle-ready to bring her back to power come 2023 God willing. We will not allow our people to be disenfranchised because of baseless sentiments.” Demsa vowed.
He added that, “once Bent accepts this clarion call, 2023 is a done deal, a revival of good work for our people will surface from the blues like a miracle because she will come with the capacity to salvage the zone with her projects, human capital development, humanitarian services, employment with meaningful legislative contributions as she is known for years ago.
“The Youth of Adamawa are behind this project, we are ready to work for this project to the end. We are calling on the leadership of Adamawa State APC,  Southern zone delegates, and the entire officials of the party to critically look into her capacity as the only person that has a high winning chance for the party to win elections come 2023.” 
Demsa warned that the National Assembly and the Senate assignment is not church work, as such, anybody that thinks God calls that person should go to church and work.
“Those that God called to work as politicians should stay there for the good of all people.
“Like Grace had her call long ago for the National Assembly assignment, she remains in that call till today, we believe in her call that’s why we are reminding her of her call back to Senate in 2023,” Demsa added.


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