ACN wants defectors to resign positions


THE Kwara Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) on Sunday asked the three supervisory councillors in Offa who defected to PDP to honourably vacate their seats or be sacked.
The three men, who are loyalists of Lola Ashiru, were appointed by the ACN-controlled Offa local council government but they last week shifted their political loyalty to PDP.
“We have always suspected them to be disloyal but we don’t base our judgment on mere suspicion. Now that they have jumped ship it is only honourable for them to also resign their political appointments since they got there as ACN members,” Kwara ACN Chairman Kayode Olawepo said in a statement in Ilorin.
“We give them a 14-day ultimatum to resign their appointments, failing which we have the prerogative to show them the way out.”
Olawepo also carpeted the PDP over claims that local councils have no reason to owe workers, saying such a statement was hypocritical because Kwara State Government hijacked LG funds and only dole out stipends to the councils when it deems it fit.
“Equally irritating is PDP’s claim that the councils have paid their workers up to November when this is not so and even when some councils have not paid October salary.”
“So who is the PDP fooling: itself or the people of Kwara who already know what terrible liars the party and its government have been? We see PDP’s comment as a cunny and wicked attempt to undermine the legitimate, though still silent, frustration and agitation of the council workers,” he said.


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