A Passionate Plea To The APC Leadership and The SGF


A Passionate Plea To The Apc Leadership and the SGF
By; Dr Abdullahi Baba Abdul
The victory of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the presidential poll was due to the popular perception that decorum and sanity will return into our day to day engagement and in all spheres of our endeavors. The President has since demonstrated uncommon courage and dexterity in the choice of his Ministers and Aides; he has also as a democrat, entrusted APC leadership in close collaboration with the Secretary to the Federation to facilitate the emergence of competent, honest and responsive individuals to man various governments, departments and agencies for optimum performance and result.
While this is good, Nigerians and party faithful are concern about the openness and thoroughness of the process; for example, in Kogi State, the process is pursued in secrecy so much that while other states have conveyed stakeholders meeting to kicks-start the process of headhunting, some few discredit individuals are busy allotting quotas to their cronies to fill in regardless of the very key pre-condition requirement that must be met to be entrusted with public office. The greatest de-service to the government of APC is the emergence of corrupt, indolent and known criminals making their way into this government.
It is Nigerians passionate plea to the APC/SGF that, individuals who will make up the various lists of appointments must be individual with impeccable record of integrity, knowledge and passion to serve Nigerians; in so doing, you would have justified the trust and confidence reposed on you by Mr. President to handle this very important task.
Abdullahi Baba Abdul
Is a former Aspirant for Kogi/Lokoja House of Rep in 2007 (AC), 2011 (CPC) and 2015(APC); can be reached on babaabdul2003@gmail.com, babaabdul2003@yahoo.com, 08034528300, 08051727356


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