8 Teams For Super Soccer League

A total of eight teams are to take part in the concluding part of the 2017/2018 Super Soccer League which will resume Friday at the Hockey Pitch of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.
The teams are China Stars, Great Olympics, Leap FC, Puma FC, Depros FC, Junex International,  Olusegun FC and Team 360.
President of Super Soccer Federation of Nigeria Evangelist Emeka Godson Ehirim said  they decided to organise the League in order to test the ability of the player’s understanding of the rules of the game which had its first exhibition match in the country last year as well as form a national team that will represent the country in next year’s Super Soccer World Cup.
According to him, Super Soccer which originated from USA has made inroads into Africa and is now being played in Egypt,  Ghana and Cameroon, while plans are at advanced stage to introduce it in South Africa.
” This is a game played in normal football pitch with the aim of seeing many goals scored in a match. It is a game in which you don’ t allow the ball go into throwing or corner kick in your half which automatically results in what is known as Super kick just like penalty to be taken in the 13 yard half of the defaulting team.
” The good thing about this game is that it tastes the physical fitness of players, avoids waste of time and allows for many goals to be scored to the delight of fans” , he explained.
Ehirim while expressing happiness that many Nigerian players are now identifying with the game gave assurance that it will soon be introduced to many states of the country.


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