59 Companies to participate in Kaduna Automobile Fair and Exhibition


About 59 companies have indicated interest to participate in the upcoming first ever Kaduna Automobile Fair and Exhibition which is scheduled for next month and aimed at addressing the moribund Nigerian automobile industry, the organiser has said.
Chief Executive Officer of Routes and Roads Transport Company, Geoffrey Faasema, organisers of the fair billed for October 3-7, 2016, said that the fair, which is being organised in conjunction with Kaduna State, Federal Ministry of Trade and Commerce, National Chambers of Commerce Industry, Mines and Agriculture and Kaduna Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, aimed to bring together over 60 local motor vehicle and spare part manufacturers and dealers, automobile engineers and mechanics and manufacturers and dealers of motor accessories.
He said the fair will afford the automobile stakeholders the opportunity of rubbing minds on the challenges facing the industry, how to improve on local content to boost the local industry and revive those that are moribund thereby creating jobs and wealth in the country in the face of the economic challenges facing the country.
Faasema noted that local automobile manufacturing companies such as Innoson Motors, National Truck Manufacturing Company, Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN), Mandilas Company, as well as tricycle assembler, Mutunchi Pride among others have all indicated their interest in participating at the fair. Same as Nigerian Shippers Council, National Inland Waterways, power bike dealers, motorcycle assembly plants and bicycle companies.
According to the Route and Roads Transport CEO, “the 1st Kaduna Automobile Fair and Exhibition will hold from the 3rd to 7th of October, 2016 at the Murtala Square Kaduna. It is first of its kind in Nigeria with the theme: ‘Exploring Entrepreneur opportunities in the Nigeria Automobile Industry’.
“The automotive industry is a major industrial and economy force worldwide contributing 60 million cars and trucks each year and responsible for almost half the world’s consumption of oil and gas. The industry employs 4 million people directly and indirectly worldwide.
“Automobile fairs and exhibitions are not common in Nigeria such as is being championed by Routes and Roads Transport Company. Rather the Nigerian public is conversant with motor shows and exhibition,” he said, adding that the military, the Nigerian Railway Corporations and others are expected at the fair.
“Federal Government in 2004 formulated a National Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP) to transform the Nigerian automotive industry and attract investment into the sector. Government policies are meant to galvanize private sector operation and participation for which Routes and Roads Transport Company is taking a lead. The major aim in organising this fair and exhibition is to create wealth, increase employment opportunities, initiate consumer – financier reforms in the automobile industry in Nigeria in order to open opportunities for the Nigerian automobile industry.
“Other key factors we intend to achieve are exploring opportunities in the Nigerian automobile industry, to create platform for operators in the automobile sector to interact with the public in an exhibition where varieties of automotive industry products and allied services such as trackers, lubricants, spare parts, communication gadgets will be showcased. To create a platform for economy growth within Kaduna state and the Northern hub using the automobile industry, to enhance the creation of a platform for automobile museums
“Federal government is yearning for job creation and domestic growth in product terms. We in Routes and Roads believe that the automobile industry can mop up the present unemployed youths and reduce the waste in our current human resource capital. The forecast is to bring all persons directly or remotely involved in the Nigeria automobile experience including the government to proffer solutions to the slow pace of development in this sector.”


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