$3.1B arms scandal is a tip of the iceberg, it is actually $15B – Lai Muh’d


By; Abdull-Azeez Ahmed Kadir, Kaduna.
The 3.1 billion dollar arms scandal involving many high ranking Nigerians with former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) on trial, is a tip of the iceberg as the actual amount involved is 15 billion dollars, Lai Muhammed, Minister of Information and Culture has said.
Muhammed made this disclosure Tuesday in Kaduna during a North West Town Hall Meeting organised by his ministry to interact with Nigerians.
The Minister said all those involved in the bazaar of the arms money did not only embezzled public funds and corruptly too, but succeeded in sending many innocent and young people to their early graves.
He stressed that the short fall in revenue is nothing short of a disaster, but the federal government is turning it into a blessing by diversifying the economy with emphasis on agriculture, mining among others.
Lai assured that no one would be given the opportunity under this administration to re-loot the recovered loot from previous administrations and individuals.
According to him, the Buhari led administration is fighting corruption in a manner different from previous administrations as corruption is now seen not as a norm, but anomaly.
The Minister said in less than a year, the Buhari administration has subdued the Boko Haram insurgents, degrading the terrorists and the security agents were on the verge of exterminating the blood thirsty people.
He re-assured that the federal government is poised and more than willing to do all it can to ensure the rehabilitation, reconstruction and re-integration of the insurgent ravaged North East and the victims.
Lai also reiterated the campaign promises of the Buhari team to focus on fighting corruption, ensure the security of lives and property, and revive the economy, a feat he said the administration is achieving in leaps and bound.
The meeting he stressed is meant to bridge the gap between the government and the citizen to keep them better informed of the policies and programmes of the Federal Government.
“The overall essence of the interaction is to assure Nigerians, some of whom are already becoming despondent, that the CHANGE they voted for is real, despite the current challenges, and that they must keep hope alive” Lai explained.


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