2023: Yoruba Group Vows Interim Govt Would Be Resisted


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

A social political organization, the Yoruba Referendum Committee (Agbajoowo) on Sunday, expressed support for the holding of the planned 2023 general elections in the country.
The socio political organization in a statement signed  by Mr. Femi Odedeyi and Mr. Shenge Rahman, made available to newsmen in Ibadan, kicked against the call for Interim Government or Government of National Unity in Nigeria in 2023.
Yoruba Referendum Committee , (YRC), in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan, emphasized  that there is no basis for calling for the cancellation or boycott of the 2023 elections, 
According to YRC the ” current suggestions by notable Yoruba individuals and organizations, advocating for a Government of National Unity or an Interim Government, are direct means of subverting the legitimate quest for True Federalism in Nigeria.”
” In 1960, when the idea of a Government of National Unity was proposed by the Northern Peoples’ Congress, the Action Group rejected it on the ground that such a coalition government was not feasible between two political parties of vastly divergent political philosophies.”
YRC added, ” the Interim Government of 1993 was instituted as a half-measure to address the crisis emanating from the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections. Because of its shaky foundation, it did not take long for the military that set it up to torpedo it “.
” There is no evidence till date that the political upheaval or crisis engendered by the ‘June 12 annulment’ has disappeared to warrant such calls. Instead of the said crisis abating, problems of structure and power relation in the country are getting worse by the day.”
The group then maintained that the ” option before the Yorubas is to organize a Referendum within Yorubaland to decide the framework for their aspirations and self -actualisation while also advocating a similar template for other Peoples of Nigeria to facilitate the Refederalisation of the country.”
” The only period of social and economic development experienced in Nigeria was during the Federal and Regional administrations, attested to by the references to the Western Region as “our Golden Era” by the Yorubas, and lately, the Buhari administration’s recourse to showcasing its economic achievements via the “Rice Pyramid” – an admission of the developments in the then Northern Region as exemplified by the “Groundnut Pyramids”.
YRC tasked the Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, and Ekiti States’ Houses of Assembly to pass into Law, the Bill for a Referendum, which has already been sent to them, twice, for action, saying, ‘ the 1999 Constitution shaved the peoples’ heads in their absence. 
The socio political organization urged the Houses of Assembly to rise to the occasion, especially as the demand is supported by a growing number of Yoruba who have signed the petition  to that effect via this link:  http://chng.it/ybwX2ZR6Tt


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