2023 Presidency: I Offer Myself As A Patriot – Gov Bala

Senator Bala Mohammed


Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has said that he doesn’t have any score to settle with anybody in wanting to be president, but is rather offering himself as a patriot to contribute his quota to national development.

Senator Bala Mohammed explained that if given the opportunity, he will do that right because, as he puts it, “We don’t want to go the way others have come into governance without a roadmap”.

The Governor, who was speaking while receiving the report of his presidential aspiration contact committee in Bauchi weekend, disclosed that he has already set up a 24-man eminent patriots committee to passion out a roadmap for his would be mandate come 2023 polls.

He said that the committee which comprised of professors, doctors, and some reputable politicians is headed by Professor Udenta-Udenta, an Igbo man, now working to draft out a blue print that could guide Nigeria getting out of the woods.

“We want to give out to Nigerians what we want to do, a roadmap, and Iam challenging all our competitors to do this same because this is the only way Nigerians will be ask to dissect and disaffect between good and bad, to be able to choose wisely”.

Bala added, “I’m calling on all our aspirants to the presidency to know that we are not doing it for ourselves, whether we are from the North, South or Anywhere. Nigeria is the first consideration, Nigeria first”.

Governor Bala however told the committee that he is still making consultations to determine his stand on the presidential aspiration, observing that the committee has 70% achievable opinions, and he would seek for the remaining 30% consults.

“I’m still consulting, there are owners of Nigeria, those that you must go and meet them in their houses, in their own corners and offices to consult them across the board in a bi-partisan manner”.

Bala further explained that his government at the centre if given the opportunity would be all inclusive irrespective of party leanings, but not in a way of creating one party state because, ‘there are people on the other side that are not happy because they were not involve, we will bring them into our folds”.

He similarly urged the Rescue Nigeria Group, other qualified and bi-partisan Nigerians to join the bandwagon, stressing “We want such people to come because they are not asking anything of a kobo, but would leverage on their resources and resourfulness to move the country forward.

The governor appreciated members of his contact committee for their sacrifices, and the odds and dangers they face or bared in touring across the states to get information and sample opinions on his presidential aspiration, saying “If I become president, you will be the first port of call I would remember”.

However, the governor urged the committee to allow him continue with the consultations, saying their report is 70% coverage, hence his resolve to consult other constituents, but with assurance to declare his intent this February, 2022 by God’s grace.


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