2023 Polls: Governor Bala Urges PDP Stakeholders To Strategize

Bala Mohammed


Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has said that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) campaigns structure for the 2023 general elections should be devoid of any party candidate bringing in his relations or family members for the simple reason of political patronage.

He said that the party would not repeat the mistake similar to that of 2019 when the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar engaged some closest associates into the presidential campaigns, but who took it as a political patronage to satisfy their whims and caprices.

“We would not allow any party leader to go and bring his relations, his family members to patronize them. That has happened to Atiku in 2019 and he lost elections, because we gave money, and he gave so much money, but people took it as a political patronage, we would not do that, we would not commit the same mistake”.

The governor who was on Saturday declaring open an interactive meeting with PDP stakeholders in Bauchi, declared, “So whoever is emerging would be completely devoid of any relations with us, but a party man except where he is confirmed to be better than any other person”.

He comforted, “We are together from top to bottom, we respect our presidential candidate and we are with him, we respect the party at national party and its national working committee and here. I want one structure for the presidential, gubernatorial and other elections, and we should all go together.

Senator Bala Mohammed who stressed the need for the political gladiators to strictly stick to party guideline stated, “We have to look at the guidelines, what are we supposed to do. Very soon electioneering campaigns will be legitimate and we are going out, what kind of campaigns structure are we going to have”.

Governor Bala described as good samples of victory in the next general elections the coming into the PDP of people from the APC and other political parties, “We must respect each other, those coming would respect those they have found in, and those found here must respect those coming in.

According to him, “It’s just like religion of Islam, the new comers and the old comers are all the same, therefore we are all the same people. We must engage them, there are so many of them, it’s just we are not making much noise, I have not seen any state where we have decampees like Bauchi”.

He explained that the interactive meeting is to discuss about their interest which is Bauchi state with a view to confront their challenges in the party as, according to him, “They are trying to take something from us, and we believe we are going to do better than them”.

“That’s why I call this meeting so as to sit down to discuss and chart new ways and new challenges, looking at the new Electoral Act, new Party Guidelines, our personal challenges and to regroup and refocus, because we are confronted with a long period of electioneering campaigns which is going to cost so much time and we have to strategize”.

Mohammed observed that ill-feelings, apathy and lapses in any political process are remanences of democracy, saying however that in spite of these tendencies, Bauchi is the only PDP state in the country that have its players very loyal to the party and its leaders.

The Governor described the PDP as very supreme party and most important pedestal where its members rise to wherever they want to, hence whatever a member become must remember the party and its leadership.

“We are the only PDP state in Nigeria, I’m proud to say that our players are very loyal and they listen to leaders, and on that I want thank the chairman and his working committee for making it possible to have very transparent primaries where credible candidates emerged”.

The Governor observed that politics is all about accommodation, and one swallowing his/her own problems and challenges for the greater benefits of the bigger future for the general public, saying it is not that the party doesn’t have problems, but rather its members accommodate one another.

Bala also described party candidates as the most veritable for victory, hence the need for them to satisfy the expectations of their supporters who found them fit to give them the tickets through the party, and thanked the state party chairman, Hamza Koshe Akuyam and his Executives for conducting transparent primary elections where credible candidates emerged.

He further explained that his administration is always looking at what to do to add value to life, saying his leadership has in the last three years satisfied about 80 percent of its campaign promises, as it is now trying to look at the remaining ones while trying come back onto the saddle.


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