2023 Politics: Don’t Relegate Nigerian Women, University Don Warns


*advocates level playing ground

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

A University Don, Professor Olumide Olajide has alerted that Nigerian women have been relegated to the background politically.

The Professor of Community Development, Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan raised the alarm on Thursday while delivering a lecture at this year’s International Women’s Day Celebration organized by the National Association of Women Journalists, (NAWOJ), Oyo state chapter.

According to Professor Olajide, in his paper on, ” WOMEN PARTICIPATION IN NIGERIA POLITICS: 2023 IN FOCUS” this has been making it impossible for Nigerian women to contribute their quota to the development of democracy. despite the tremendous effort put forward by government and nongovernmental organizations.

The University Don emphasized that the time has come for the ” provision of enabling environment that allows women to engage meaningfully in decision making process in a sustainable and effective way that is free from violence and harassments of any kind”.

” Women Participation in Nigerian politics has become a topical issue in recent times, this is because Nigeria women have been relegated to the background politically making it impossible for them to contribute their quota to the development of democracy. despite the tremendous effort put forward by government and nongovernmental organizations following the declaration made at the fourth World Conference on women in Beijing,”, he said.

Professor Olajide added, ” the government at all levels must do everything possible to remove the religious, cultural, institutional and artificial barriers which have relegated and incapacitated the Nigerian women from active national life.”

” It is worthy to note that Nigerian women are still being marginalized due to the style of leadership inherent in the country. It is imperative that civil society organisations, governments as well as political parties should increase the level of awareness of women by organising seminars/workshops not only in the cities but also in the villages. Attendance to such seminars/workshops should be open to both women and men”.

The Professor of Community Development stressed, ” men need to be orientated about the need to allow their wives to participate in politics”, saying, ” this is necessary as most men are of the opinion that women prostitutes are in politics and that any women in politics are irresponsible house wives”.

He maintained that in addition, ” governments at all levels should encourage girl child education”, adding, ” it can be made compulsory that all female children of school age should go to school free of charge. This will give them equal opportunity with their male counterparts.”

The University Don however pointed out that for 2023 women’s participation in Politics, there is the urgent need for a level playing ground for Nigerian women in politics, saying, ” there should be support for women’s leadership development programmes”.

” Following the trends and happenings around the political environment in Nigeria, it is becoming clearer that women may never achieve the mandated 30% affirmation as enshrined in the Beijing plan of action except the following recommendations are adhered to:

  • Political parties should create a support network for prospective aspirant by pairing them with established women politicians who will be playing key role as mentors and provide capacity building for young or aspiring female politicians as to enhance and develop.


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