2023: PDP Stakeholders In Etinan Task Sen Akpan On Human Capital Development

Senator Bassey Akpan


Etinan delegates and other stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDD) in the area of Akwa Ibom State, have requested Senator Bassey Albert Akpan (OBA) to address human capital development, to help them overcome the debilitating hunger in the land.
Speaking through one of their leaders at a consultative meeting with OBA, Arch Bishop Andrew Unwanta said, beyond other dividends of good governance, human development is their number one desire if Senator Akpan becomes the next governor of the state.
The Chairman, Strategic Committee of Akwa UbokAbasi Campaign Organisation, however, assured his people of OBA’s capacity and competence, based on verifiable pedigree, to impact maximally on the masses.
Unwanta, a former chairman of Akwa Ibom Consolidation Alliance (ACA), assured the people that if Senator Akpan could develop people the way he has done while in other capacities, he certainly will do more when he becomes the governor.
According to Unwata, when OBA was in charge of inter-ministerial direct labour project under Gov Godswill Akpabio, he ensured that Etinan benefitted immensely, by siting various life-touching projects there.
Just as he predicted that Udom Emmanuel will become governor and it came to pass, according to Unwanta, OBA will be the next governor. 
He urged the delegates not to waste their votes by supporting an unpopular aspirant without meaningful plan for Akwa Ibom, just because of intimidation.
Additionally, Pastor Sunny Ibuot, the Director General, said OBA’s tenure as governor will squash hunger and poverty in the land because he knows what to do to improve the lives of the people.
He spoke of the senator’s pedigree as a banker, commissioner and currently a senator; adding that OBA will listen and owe his allegiance to the people, since he will ultimately emerge as their product and not a decision of one man.
Sir Emem Akpabio, the Chairman of Campaign Council, while presenting OBA to the delegates,  assured that  OBA will surpass all expectations and will be more impactful as governor.
Describing the senator as “a homeboy”, who is different from those who only know the people at the top, Akpabio added: “It is only the man who knows the home that will do something for the home. What Akwa Ibom needs is the person that knows the grassroots, the person that knows the women, youths, elders, etc. And that person is Senator Bassey Albert.”
While addressing the delegates, Senator Akpan allayed all their fears, urging them to take their destinies in their hands by voting for him to avoid a “virtuous circle of poverty”.
His message was filled with hope, as he encouraged the people to rise with him to actualise God’s plan for Akwa Ibom, adding; “use your votes now to secure your future”.
He promised to upgrade facilities at the College of Health Technology, as well as develop rural roads in the area to provide the farmers easy access to the market and corresponding clusters, among others. 
OBA charged them not to be  enticed by seasonal Greek gifts, as many of them are only recognised now because nomination period is near.
Presenting his blueprint and a compendium of some of his achievements to the people, he affirmed that  having done so much as a senator, he will surely do more for the masses as governor with more resources at his disposal.
The senator spoke of the 481 students he has sponsored in tertiary institutions, promising to reintroduce bursary for all Akwa Ibom students in higher-level schools across the country.
The Chapter chairman, Rt Hon Inemesit Itieina, expressed gratitude at the visit, praising the senator for the respect and assured that the delegates will do what is right.
According to him, the delegates are a very responsible set of people and assured OBA  that they will decide appropriately.
Another stakeholder from the area, Dr. Friday Udom, charged his people to receive money from deceitful politicians trying to induce them but to vote for OBA because he genuinely has the interest of the people at heart.


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