2023: Obidients Will Be Disappointed Seeing Peter Obi Celebrating  Swearing-in Of Atiku – NYLF (INTERVIEW)


Comrade Elliot Afiyo is the National President of the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF) and also the Secretary-General of the Association of West African Monarchs (AWAM), the umbrella body of the West African Traditional Rulers. He has been involved in the making of Nigeria’s democratic Presidents since 1999. He talks with the press on critical national issues especially the forth coming 2023 Presidential elections at Abeokuta after a meeting with the former President Obasanjo.


Comrade Afiyo, this is the third time within the week that you are coming to Abeokuta to see the former President. What is really your mission?

As I told you on Tuesday, Baba is a respected voice and personality in this country especially in the North. He believes in Nigeria’s unity, peace and progress. But of recent, it seems he wants to destroy what God has used him to build. Just like the Pamela of Galatia in Galatians 3:1-6, we strongly believe that he has been bewitched and brainwashed. 

His actions and inactions are portraying him negatively in the North. As one of his sons, I deemed it right to come and draw his attention, else he becomes politically irrelevant after the 2023 Presidential elections.

What are his actions that are portraying him negatively in the North?

There is this general belief presently in the North that Baba is indirectly working for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Baba is an experienced, proven and tested politician. He knows quite alright that Peter Obi will not win the 2023 Presidential election unless by the finger of God and if God is interested in Peter Obi, He would have given us a sign or revealed to His genuine Prophets. out of all the pastors that are endorsing or supporting Peter Obi, none of them has come out and said “God said”.

No tested or field politician has come out and said Peter Obi will win. Not a single practical political index has pointed towards Peter Obi as the possible winner of the 2023 Presidential election. Peter Obi himself knows that there is no way he could win this forthcoming election that is why he is not giving out shishi. 

He does not do that as a principle but because he is an acute businessman.  He does not spend shishi on any project that does not yield dividends. Yet, Baba is going to and fro canvassing support for Peter Obi.

This means that Baba is working secretly for the emergence of Tinubu which he cannot come out publicly to do or say. Baba knows very well that a vote for Obi is a step towards Tinubu’s victory because Obi’s vote will split the PDP’s votes and give Tinubu a logical and comparative advantage.

Does it mean that you are not on the same page with Baba considering your political relationship since 1999?

My relationship with Baba predates 1999. I know Baba on the 27th of August, 1987 when he visited IBB at Dodan Barracks. Since then, I became his boy and will continue to be his boy. But as far as he is not in support of Atiku for the 2023 Presidential elections, I will never be loyal to him. All our Patrons that are not supporting Atiku Abubakar will be isolated, disobeyed and ignored by our Forum because of the importance of the 2023 elections to Nigerians especially the Northerners.

How important is the 2023 Presidential elections to the Northerners?

The 2023 Presidential elections is a make or mar elections or rather is a do or die affair because it is the only election that can decide the future of the North and the unity of Nigeria. We can no longer sit down and watching the kidnappings, banditry and terrorism going on in the Northern part of Nigeria. Should we continue like this and our generations are being wiped out daily? 

Definitely no. We missed the opportunity when Yar’adua died. We hoped in Buhari but our hope was dashed as the killings escalated and banditry dimension was added. Things are getting worse everyday and there is no single hope of salvaging the situation unless Atiku is voted and sworn in as President.

Why do you have so much confidence in Atiku?

I knew Atiku on 26th September, 1992 when he submitted documents for PDM to our committee for verification in Lagos. I was co-opted as a member of the Intelligence Sub-Committee. Since then, I picked interest in him and Chief Dokpesi. I know Atiku very well and what he can do. I know his weaknesses and his strength. He is a man of capacity, experienced, knowledgeable and he believes in justice and fairness. I challenge any of the candidates to come out and make a statement that he will restructure Nigeria just like Atiku is saying. Atiku is bold enough and courageous to redefine Nigeria and has political will to change the status quo.

Are you saying all these because you are from the same town with Atiku?

Definitely no. Atiku is from Jada Local Government Area, while I am from Girei Local Government Area of Adamawa State. I have been opposing Atiku politically since 2007. Though I paid a heavy price for supporting him in 2003 against Aliyu Gusau. This time around, I am totally and convincingly convinced that he is the only one among all the present candidates that will free Nigeria from the shackles and caprices of Nigeria’s conspirators.

How sure are you that Atiku will win the election considering the opposition by your Patrons who are referred to as Nigeria’s Fathers and Gate Keepers and the five Governors?

Our people used to say “if Friday will be good, you will know from Thursday”. Just take a look at what is happening now. Other candidates are travelling abroad to seek international support. But in the case of Atiku, international powers through their Ambassadors and Heads of Missions and delegations are going to his house to pledge their support and allegiances. This is a clear sign that Atiku has won the election already.

Concerning our patrons who are referred to as Nigeria’s fathers. I want to tell you clearly without mincing words that if they fail to support Atiku, by May 29th, 2023, there will be only one Nigeria’s father and gate keeper and that will be Atiku. This is nothing but the truth. It is therefore, to their best interest to support Atiku. We are their foot soldiers who always carry their messages to the rural North.

There is this fear that Atiku is another Fulani man who will continue with the Fulani agenda. 

 believe you are a Christian. Check the Bible very well in Luke 10: 25 – 37, you will read about a Samaritan whom Jesus referred to as a Good Samaritan. As at that time Samaritans were archenemies with the Jews. A certain Jew was attacked by armed robbers and left him at the point of death. A fellow Jew (Priest) came, saw him and left him. Another Jew a Levite (Pastor) saw him and ignored him. But this Samaritan came knowing fully that he was a Jew but ignored the enmity between the Samaritans and the Jews. He picked the Jew, took him to the hospital, paid all his hospital bills and still promised to come back and check him and peradventure he incurred additional bills, he will pay. That is why Jesus calls him a “Good Samaritan” and the lawyer who came to tempt Jesus preferred and chose him as his neighbour above the priest and the Levite. This shows that doing good does not possibly relate to tribe or religion. 

We are being killed, maimed, kidnapped and our women continually being raped under a Fulani president and not even one of the ethnic nationalities serving under him was able to raise a voice against these killings. God is therefore, raising a good Fulani that is Atiku, to stop all these evils. 

I am telling you the truth whether you like it or not, 85% of Nigerian Fulanis are against these evils and Atiku is one of them. We need a good Fulani like Atiku to address these killings and terrorism in the language that the bad Fulanis will understand.

There is this fear that is being expressed by the Christians because of what some Imam or Mallams are saying that Nigeria belongs to Muslims to rule which may affect the chances of Atiku.

In any society, there must be leaders that are after their belly and they can only achieve their goal or justify their means by or through whipping of religious sentiments. We had pastors who came openly to say that a Christian must rule. Some even went as far as providing their altars and pulpits for politicians to use.

We have seen a politician who was given the Nigerian flag on the altar in the church and was asked by a pastor to wave it. How many Christians condemned such act. We have seen a pastor mounting her pulpit and telling her congregation to waste their votes. Pulpits are meant for messages from God not political messages from Pastors or Imams. The glory of God has departed from our altars that is why our prayers are not answered. I sincerely respect Daddy Adeboye and Daddy Kumuyi. You will never see and hear them making political statements. The Bible says that we should adhere and abide in our callings. 

Any pastor or Imam that wants to make political statement should go out of the church or mosque and hold a press conference if it is necessary, not definitely the pulpit or altar. Christians and Muslims go to church or mosque to hear messages from God not messages from pastors or imams. All these pastors and imams are making these statements for their selfish interests and as such, ought to be arrested and punished. 

We should know that we will account for any of our word or action on the judgment day. You can imagine pastors and imams posting and forwarding fake news and videos. Chai! There is God ooo!

Sir, are you saying that Obi will not win the 2023 presidential election?

I am not God. But if God is a righteous God that I know Him. It requires only His finger to appear. Nobody will win any presidential election without winning majority of votes from the North. I know the North very well. There is not a single local government area in the Northern states that I will visit and at least hundred people will not come out to receive me. Mention just one state that Obi will win in the North. Obi himself who is the father of the Obidients knows very well that he will not win that is why he is guarding his relationship securely and closely with Atiku. 

I am telling you the Obidients will be disappointed when they see us with Peter Obi celebrating the swearing-in of Atiku on the 29th of May, 2023 at the Presidential Villa.

If Atiku fails to address these challenges, what will happen?

If in the first one hundred days in office, Atiku fails to address the security challenges (God forbid), he will be impeached or the Northern youth will be mobilized to take over Aso Rock. I seriously mean what I am saying.

We could not do that now because we did not support or vote for Buhari in 2019 and as such, we don’t have the moral rights to challenge him. This time around, we are ready and willing to spend and be spent for Atiku’s emergence and nothing, I repeat nothing, will stop us from challenging Atiku if he fails to fulfill his promises. We have reached our boiling point are pushed to the wall by these Politicians. Any Politician that fails to fulfill his or her campaign promises within two years of ascending to power from the North, will be made to face the consequences of his or her action. Our Northern Politicians are hereby guided and warned. 

No campaigns on religion or ethnicity are allowed in the North.

 We are willing to either die to be remembered by the upcoming generations for fighting a just course or live to eat the good of the land.


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