2023 Governorship: el-Rufai Should Support Shifting Of Power To Southern Kaduna – APC aspirant


By; AMOS TAUNA, Kaduna
An All Progressives Congress (APC)

gubernatorial aspirant in Kaduna State,
Dr Abdulmalik Mohammed Durunguwa, has called on Governor Nasir el-Rufai to also support power shift of the governorship position to Southern Kaduna as he is supporting the South producing the presidency in 2023.
“As Governor Nasir el-Rufai is supporting power shift of presidency to Southern Nigeria, l strongly hope he will also support that power shift to Southern Kaduna for the area to produce the governor of Kaduna state in 2023,” Dr Durunguwa opined.
He added, “Even if l am not the one that will become the governor, l will support whoever comes from Southern Kaduna to ensure that no stone is left unturned towards ensuring the set objective is aimed. I am ready, no matter the load, even if the load will break my neck, as long as the people of Southern Kaduna will support me, l will carry it and put it on my head. l will make sure that l take it to where they want me to take it to and make sure it is distributed equally so that people will say that we have put in somebody who is fair and just to every section of the state.”
Speaking when he host journalists from Southern Kaduna in Kaduna, Dr Durunguwa explained, “I have consulted every personality in Kaduna that I am contesting the governorship of the state in 2023. I have no doubt that the more l move with my people, the more l get the encouragement.”
According to him, time has come for the people of Southern Kaduna to answer the call of demanding for the governorship of the state and called on the people join hands with him towards realising the noble objectives.
The governorship aspirant added, ” As far as I am concerned, l so much cherish peace because whatever that will happen positively, without peace, we can not achieve it as a people.”
“We need good security network in the country and in particular, in Kaduna state. We need freedom to live, go to where we want to go to and be able to carry out legitimate programmes in order to earn a living. There is the need for us to fight evil in our society and ensure there is absolute peace,” he suggested.
He observed that as population keep on increasing, there would be no enough space for farmers and cattle herders to carry out their farming, stressing that there must be a way out for to amicably agreed and understand for life to be more meaningful to all in the society.
He stated that for peace to be restored in parts of the country, government at all levels must engage community participation to bring an end to the ongoing security challenges facing Nigerians.
According to him, there is the need for security agencies to have a serious synergy to be able to recruit people in the villages and if possible, arm them and check them everyday to know who they are so that they can withstand any attacker(s) that comes in order to be able to defend their areas.
Dr Durunguwa who also the Commissioner representing Kaduna State in the National Population Commission, NPC, noted that the happenings in Southern Kaduna is so devastating, saying that enough is enough of the killings and destruction of properties going on in the area, as steps must be taken to bring what he called “ugly situation to an end” in order to ensure the restoration of peace in the communities.
He explained, “I wish that all of us will put our heads together and bring a stop to the killings and destruction of properties that is going on. I have sat down with some traditional rulers, stakeholders and I am still making consultations with many on the way forward of the security challenges in the area because enough is enough.”
He added, “We have to take the bull by the horn. We should be practical in trying to find solution to our problems.”
He called on government to be proactive in their activities, saying that no life is worth taking by law into our hands, as there is bound to be problems if not checked.
According to him, “Something happened in Southern Kaduna in April 2011 which was not the making of anybody, it was a kind of defragmentation that took place where from nowhere and I have told Fulani people nobody from Southern Kaduna has ever thought of killing a Fulani man. This thing came like a viral wing and before you know what was happening Fulani were killed all over Southern Kaduna. It was nobody that organized it, no, it was just a kind of wing blow but of course, it has happened, you can’t stop it by then. So let’s live our lives and forget what happened and let’s move on in Southern Kaduna as brothers and sisters.”
He believed that the people of the area should forget what happened and come together for a better tomorrow in order to build a society that would ensure sanity and peaceful coexistence.


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