2023 Declaration: You Have Not Governed Ekiti Well To Qualify You For Nigeria’s President, PDP Tells Fayemi



The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described Governor Kayode Fayemi’s presidential declaration in Abuja on Wednesday, as “declaration of failure.”
The opposition party accused the governor of allegedly wasting millions of Naira belonging to Ekiti State on his presidential ambition, while leaving entitlements of pensioners, salaries and deductions unpaid.
In a statement on Wednesday, by the State Publicity Secretary, Raphael Adeyanju, the PDP said :”It  is unfortunate  that 95 per cent of those who attended the declaration were transported from Ekiti to Abuja in the bill of the state government. 
“A  presidential declaration that is 95 per cent attendance from Ekiti should have been held in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital.
“From information available to us, over N300 million Ekiti State money was spent on that declaration while more than N1 billion was spent on the governor’s consultation across the country,”
Adeyanju challenged the Ekiti State Governor  to tell Nigerians how well he has governed the state to qualify him as the president of Nigeria.
“Ekiti State  residents can no longer sleep with their eyes closed, most of the roads have been taken over by bandits who are kidnapping people at will and collecting cigarettes, noodles, can beer, sachet water and so on as ransom”
The PDP asked: “If Ekiti is not secured under Fayemi as the governor, how can  Nigeria be secured under him as the president ? Can the country afford to replace a tyrannical emperor like Buhari with Fayemi his alter ego? What will be the fate of the Nigerian workers under president Fayemi who takes pleasure in sacking workers as a state governor?”
The PDP spokesman alleged thatEkiti State workers employed by the PDP governments were sacked by Fayemi’s APC government, claiming that when court ruled that the sacked workers be reinstated, Fayemi refused.
“Is that what he is coming to replicate as president of Nigeria?”


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