Sunday Igboho: Yoruba Groups Protest In Ibadan, Say He Is Not A Criminal


By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan

Members of Yoruba self determination groups as well as supporters of Yoruba  Rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo Igboho on Wednesday took to the streets in Ibadan to protest the arrest, detention of the the activist by the Republic of Benin Government since Monday night in Cotonou.
Numbering hundreds, the Yoruba nation agitators from different groups arrived  Sunday Igboho’s residence at Sooka area of Ibadan with his supporters to commence the protest.
Armed with placards , the protesters at the kick off point embarked on chanting ” Sunday Igboho is not a criminal, release him now” among other solidarity songs in support of Sunday Igboho.
The protesters moved from Sooka, axis of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway demanding immediate and unconditional release of Sunday Igboho by the Republic of Benin government as well as pointing accusing fingers at the Federal government on the plight of the Yoruba nation activist.
The protest by the Sunday Igboho supporters resulted in heavy traffic gridlock at the Sanyo area of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway , a situation which forced motorists to one way drive.
Majority of the protesters were chanting  Yourba  anthem as well as shouting  “Igboho Oosa”, “Free Igboho now now”, ” Benin Republic Govt release Igboho now” among others with their placards having inscriptions like “I stand with Chief Sunday Igboho”; “Sunday Igboho is not a criminal”; “Yoruba wake up” and “Sunday Igboho is fighting for our freedom”
New Nigerian learnt from the organisers of the protest that it will be a continuous protest until Sunday Igboho is set free by the Republic of Benin government
It was gathered that the protest may spread to other parts of Yorubaland by this weekend should Sunday Igboho be forcefully extradited to Nigeria by the Federal Government.


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