Use Lessons Of Eid-el-Kabir To Contribute To NIgeria’s Advancement, Global Peace Foundation Urges



Global Peace Foundation Nigeria has urged that the lessons of the Eid-el-Kabir should be embraced to help move NIgeria forward.
Country Director Global Peace Foundation NIgeria, Rev John Joseph Hayab expressed this in a statement he personally signed, made available to our correspondent on Tuesday.
“As the Muslim faithful commemorate this historic event, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is wishing all Muslims in Nigeria and every part of this global planet a peaceful, joyous, and memorable celebration.
“It is our wish that the lessons and spirit of Sacrifice which this Eid symbolize should be utilized in motivating the advancement of our dear country Nigeria,” he said. 
Hayab said that the Muslim feast of Eid-el-Kabir  symbolizes complete obedience, selflessness, and unadulterated submission to the will and command of the Almighty God as epitomized in the offering of sacrifice.
“Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is therefore appealing to Muslims in Nigeria to continue to make sacrifices that will help to remove the hunger, poverty, pains, sorrows, and insecurity that Nigerians are facing.
“One of our focus areas at Global Peace Foundation is service for the common good and in service, for the common good, we do promote making sacrifices for peace and development,” he said. 
It said that therefore, Nigerians irrespective of their tribe, religion, region, political identities must live as members of “One Family Under God” and make sacrifices that will heal the nation.
“We pray and wish our Muslim brothers and sisters a happy Eid-el-Kabir,” he added.


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