Media Censorship: FG Trying To Turn Nigeria Into A Totalitarian State – AWC


*asks Nigerians to resist it

By; BAYO AKAMO, Ibadan
The All Workers Convergence (AWC), on Sunday alerted that Federal Government is trying to turn Nigeria into a totalitarian country through the nascent move to censor the media.
AWC while  raising the alarm in a statement made available to journalists in Ibadan signed by its National Coordinator, Comrade Andrew Emelieze declared that this was clearly revealed of late through an attempt is made to criminalise protest 
The Worker Congress lamented that it was unfortunate that more than before, the government is trying to take the laws in her hands, adding, ” our people have been paying the price of age long mismanagement as reflected in the unimaginable penury in the land, collapse of infrastructure, insecurity, mass unemployment, high crime rate etc.”
It stressed that ” incidentally, the present government has proven not to be different from past governments despite the assurances of hope in the electoral promises of this government”, adding,  ” our people have not faired better; rather  our living conditions has gone from bad to worse”.
” What is surprising is that , despite all the multifarious problems confronting us a people, what government will do is to try to cage the media and in so doing subjugate us all as a people. As our government is planning to totally control the media, many more are wasting away, while daily killings is now an order in Nigeria, to the extent that it s now obvious to all that  President Buhari has taken Nigeria to the state of nature. Definitely, nobody feels secured  any longer”, it said.
AWC added, ” We condemn   attempts by government to suppress genuine agitations and protest nationwide.We join forces with our media to condemn the attempt to monitor the media and we call  on all media personnel to also mobilise massively for the forthcoming mother of all protest  which shall help put an end to bad governance in Nigeria. We condemn also the uncivilized way President Buhari and some desperate people have been threatening Nigerians with  war sounds.”
” Based on the unfortunate situation in our hands, we as as a people have developed a culture of  resistance against  bad governance as seen in the avalanche of protest nationwide. We as a people have encouraged other citizens to get involved and secure our tomorrow through protest that will help terminate bad governance in Nigeria.
” We had earlier called for national protest against insecurity and poverty in Nigeria .We urge all to consolidate on the different national protest and push further for more and more massive protest nationwide.We charged all great minds not to get tired of protesting as protest has shown to be a viable means to chasing away bad governance everywhere; our case in Nigeria will not be different”.

AWC stressed, ” it is now a duty for us all to protest.ln the face  of uncertainty, we are left with no other option other than to show resistance against our collective challenge. Together, we will sustain the barricades until we chase away our oppressors”, adding, ” we call on all civil society movement, the trade unions, students and especially our youths to start mobilizing towards this mother of all protest in Nigeria. We have nothing to loose except our chains”.


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