Couples Who Don’t Love One another Risk Losing Kingdom Of God RCCG Pastor, Adejobi



A clergy man and minister in charge of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Abeokuta, Ogun State, Pastor Olasunkanmi Adejobi on Sunday, charged Christian couples to sacrifice whatever it will cost them to love one another so as to be worthy of a inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Adejobi, who emphasized that God expects husbands to love their wives “as Jesus Christ love the world and gave Himself up for death so that people may be saved”, declared that marriage is one of possible ways capable  of preventing many people from inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Adejobi gave this charge in his Church sermon at the RCCG, Power of Change Model Parish  Kerikeri 1, Bodeolude,Elega adding, marriage must be up held with strong love no matter the challenges that may be on their way,  as God detested divorce.

Quoting from the book of Ephesians Chapter 5 verse 25 and Solomon 8 verse 6  “Husbands love your Wives as Christ  love the Church that he gave himself for it.

“Set me as seal upon thine heart,as a seal upon thine: for love is strong as death” .

He therefore, called on the Nigeria youths  to be careful of fake and unspiritual love saying,there are three types of love which they must be  awarded off and take the rightful steps so as not to fall into devil’s traps.

The first type of love according to him, is Carnal love,a strong desire for sexual intercourse which he said could be described as Politicians love when seeking for votes .
He said immediately after they got people’s mandate they forget their promises.

Pastor Adejobi gave the second type of love as emotional love or  feelings  which he said even, happen among family members .

He said fathers or the Mothers may love one of their Children more  than the other saying,such love do exist among lovers which would not last for long.

Adejobi gave the third type of love as Agape love which he described as spiritual and unconditional but permanent and everlasting love.

Quoting from the book of  1st Samuel 20 verse 17  “And Jonathan caused David to swear again,because he love him:for he love him as he loved his own soul.”

Adejobi therefore appealed to the Nigeria youths to be patience in love., careful in choosing their future partners and be prayerful at all times for God directions.


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