Anambra International Cargo, Passenger Airport: Works Commissioner Denies Knowledge Of Trainees List



The Commissioner for Works in Anambra State, Engr. Marcel Ifejiofor has appeared before the State House of Assembly to explain the circumstances surrounding alleged employment and training of members of staff for the yet to be commissioned Anambra International and Cargo Airport, Umueri. 

The lawmakers had recently kicked against hiring of members of staff for the new Anambra State International Cargo and Passenger Airport which they said did not follow due process.

Some goveenment officials which include, Commissioner for works, Chairman of Anambra State Civil Service Commission, the Attorney General of the State and Commissioner for Justice were summoned to appear before the House to explain the process for the employment.

The Commissioner for Works during his appearance before the House Executive Session held behind closed doors, said that there was no recruitment but rather a training.

Ifejiofor who struggled with providing answers to the questions thrown at him explained that the training was to enable people acquire some requisite certifications in line with requirements for approval of the Airport.

He maintained that the people undergoing the training have not been employed.

According to him, his office commissioned Kingsway to train those undergoing training. 

Responding to a question on the identity of being trained, he said, “I don’t know”. 

When asked by a Member representing Nnewi North constituency, Hon. Nonso Okafor to explain how the list of the trainees came about, Ifejiofor agaon said, “I don’t know how the list came about.”

One of the lawnakers, member representing Njikoka 1 constituency, Hon Tim Ifedioramma infuriated by his response said, “If your office after approving the trainer, and training which were paid for, with public fund, did your office ask the trainer to go to Eke Awka market and just pick anyone for training?

The Commissioner however saidbthat it is the Airport Management Team that will employ a staff of the Airport and that those currently undergoing training may as well not be employed.

Following House Speaker’s interventiom a motion was moved by Hon. Okafor to allow the commissioner time to go home and articulate his position and return with clearer explanations on a yet to be fixed date.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Anambra State Civil Service Commission wrote formally to the House excusing herself from appearing before the House, even as asked for another date to be fixed for her appearance. 

The Attorney General of the State and Commissioner for Justice who did not also appear before the Assembly and failed to write or communicate to the House.

The legislators ordered that the training of prospective airport staffers be stopped until satisfactory explanations have been provided by those concerned.


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