Insecurity: Your Efforts Not Yielding Convincing Results, Action Alliance Tells Buhari


*hails INEC on reforms


The Action Alliance (AA)  has said that even though  President Muhammadu Buhari  administration wants the people to believe that they are working tirelessly to provide security for lives and property of citizens, their purported efforts are not yielding convincing results that call for celebration. 
The national chairman of the party, Honourable Adekunle Rufai Omo- Aje stated this in a statement made available to the media in Kaduna on Tuesday.
The statement said that  Insecurity  has become so bad that no one is safe whether on the road or at home.
The AA Chairman expressed dismay that insurgency and banditry have become lucrative businesses especially in the Northern part of the country.
“There is palpable fear that if the status quo remains, banditry will spread to other parts of the country. 
“For us at Action Alliance, we reiterate that the most important duty of the government is to secure lives and property.
“We believe that rocket science is not required before the current administration can find a solution to the security challenges facing the country. Government must therefore rise up and make true the promises it made during the last electioneering campaign.
Speaking on the economy, the party lamented that the situation as things stand today, is obviously appalling, with inflation gone beyond acceptable level.
Action Alliance said that it is worrisome that business concerns are pulling out of the country  in droves due to unpredictable economic outlook that makes planning cumbersome and unreliable. 
“The current administration must direct efforts towards ensuring a vibrant economy for Nigeria. Specifically, the current administration is urged to work towards making Nigeria one of the industrial powerhouses not only in Africa, but also in the world.” the statement added.

Action Alliance  commended INEC and its Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, for the electoral reforms initiated so far, saying, it remains a critical institution in NIgeria’s democratic set up.
AA opined that the e-nomination regime is an innovation that has removed every form of conflict  and contestation regarding submission of candidates by political parties, arguing that late submission and incomplete documentation have been greatly reduced, if not totally eliminated. 
“Indeed, the introduction of the e-nomination has reduced the usual litigations that always surround nomination of candidates.
“In furtherance also, introduction of Online Voters Registration has reduced the stress associated with physical registration. Indeed, this initiative is remarkable as it allows more Nigerians especially the youth to participate more in the Nigeran democratic governance.
“With these and some other remarkable reforms that INEC has introduced, we want to salute its chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu and other officials, for their diligence and outstanding capacity.
“Having praised them however, we implore them to work harder and remain unbiased in their constitutional duties. By doing so, they give the electorates more reasons to have confidence in the electoral system.”


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