Bethel Baptist High School Holds Intensified Prayers For Abducted Students



Bethel Baptist High School Mararaban Rido, Kaduna on Saturday requested for corporate prayers for divine intervention for the kidnapped students and others who are in the hands of their abductors.

In a statement signed by the Recording Secretary, KBC on behalf of the Conference President, Deacon S.G. Adeniyi, thanked all for their sincere prayers for their children that were kidnapped. 
“However,  Jesus admonished us in John 16:24, saying, “… but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy may be full and complete.
“Therefore, we request that we raise our voices to God through prayers for at least “15 minutes” during our services on Sunday –  July 11, 2021 for God’s intervention by way of deliverance for our Children and loved ones in the camp of the enemies. 
“We do trust our great God that answereth by fire, that he will show us mercy and speedily answer us and deliver His people. 
“We count on your continuous, fervent and sincere prayers in such a time as this. 
God bless you and bless His church,” the statement said.


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