Railway Maintenance: Transport Minister, NRC To Meet On Spare Parts Availability, Drainage System, Others



Management of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) will address the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, on Sunday (tomorrow) on the availability of spare parts for the maintenance of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) infrastructure.
Amaechi disclosed this on Friday after the inspection of Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway infrastructure.
He said that the managing director of Nigerian Railway Corporation told him that they are yet to receive the spare parts that have been ordered.
The transportation minister said that more spare parts have to be bought.
“What you’re seeing there is those that were bought in 2016. For spare parts, we need rolling stock. There are two ways to go about it.  NRC will address me on Sunday on what will happen to lack of spare parts,” Amaechi said aboard train after the inspection.
At the meeting, they will also discuss the issue of drainage control along the railway corridor access roads, because whenever it rains muds are discharged on the rail tracks thereby making it difficult for trains to move.
Amaechi expressed dissatisfaction with the present low wage that railway workers receive, and, therefore, promised to ensure that railway employees will be paid satisfactory salary.
He said he met with the workers after the commissioning of the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway which took place on the 10th June 2021, and told them that they cannot be working with NRC of this modern time and be receiving the salary of NRC of those days.
He declared: “We will try to work with them, if the law permits, for an improvement in their salary, so that young boys and girls can work there.”
During the briefing after the inspection, the authority of NRC gave the minister passenger traffic report on the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge railway operation. 
According to the NRC official, 42,000 passengers travelled aboard Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Railway in June 2021.
The transportation minister said that traffic on the route will increase over time.


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