Sack, Probe NEDC MD, Group Cries Out



After listing 15 allegations leveled against him, a group,  Northeast  Vanguard  For Good Governance has called for the probing and sacking  of the North East Development Commission (NEDC) Managing Director, Mohammed Goni Alkali.
This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the Pwasato Aaron Goni (National Coordinator) and Umar Muazu (National Secretary) of Northeast  Vanguard  For Good Governance, made available to our correspondent on Wednesday July 7, 2021.

“We would like to state, at this juncture, that if urgent steps are not taken to  remove the Managing Director, Mohammed Goni Alkali and subject him to  thorough investigation and prosecution, the commission will be in the threshold of imminent collapse,” it said.
Read the full statement below: It was with unwavering patriotic zeal that we brought to the notice of  Nigerians the worrying cases of financial sleaze and nepotism that has  become a common norm at the Northeast Development Commission, which  scandalously assumed a monumental dimension.
As critical stakeholders and democrats of conscience from the region, we  have beamed our searchlight to monitor, with keen interests, the activities of the commission since its establishment in 2018. 
Rather than boast of massive infrastructure in terms of rebuilding schools, hospitals, provision of pipe  borne water and roads among others, which are in line with the core  mandate of the commission, what you find are needless issues that border on personal aggrandizement and nepotism. 
It would be recalled that on July 23, 2020, the House of Representativesresolved to investigate the allegations of sleaze and misappropriation of  N100 billion at the NEDC. 
This was sequel to the unanimous adoption of a  motion of urgent public importance sponsored by the majority leader,  Ndudi Elumelu at plenary.
After the adoption of the motion, the committees on finance, procurement  and NEDC were mandated to exhaustively investigate these allegations and report back to the House after eight weeks.
Since July 2020 however, from our findings, nothing has come out of it  because the leadership of the committee was alleged to have been  compromised. 
These infractions at NEDC have continued unabated.
However, it is gratifying to know that the Economic and Financial Crimes  Commission (EFCC) and the Independent Currupt Practice and Other  Related Matters Commission (ICPC) have already beamed their searchlight  on allegations of financial misappropriation in the commission, and some  directors have been picked, with the Managing Director on the verge of being arrested.
We would however reiterate that the EFCC, in addition to her inquest,  should also look into the following allegations obtained from credible inside  sources.
1. That the Managing Director, Mohammed Goni Alkali, takes home as  monthly salary, N8.5million without approval from the salaries and  wages commission; apart from a whooping Three Hundred Million Naira as running-cost for his office per annum. How justifiable is that?
2. Since its establishment, no single employment has been carried out as the  Managing Director, Mohammed Goni Alkali, singlehandedly hand￾picked from the ministries, people from his own tribe of Kanuri (90% of  the about 60 staff of the commission are Kanuri).
3. Purchase, by the Managing Director, of 100 Hilux Pick-Up Vans for the  military and other security personnel at the cost of N28 million each,  against the market value of N17 million in 2020, without any recourse to  the board, an act which completely negates the country’s procurement laws.
4. The Managing Director singlehandedly procured all COVID-19 equipment to the tune of N5 billion without approval from the board and  procurement procedures.
5. Five billion Naira that was approved and released as special funds for  Ngwom Housing Estate is missing in transit between the ministry of  Humanitarian Affairs and the office of the Managing Director of the  commission.
6. Funds earmarked for the purchase of houses for staff and the  construction of corporate headquarters in Maiduguri, as well as mass  housing across the six states, has been diverted and squandered, without  any convincing explanation 
7. Funds meant for the production of the master plan of the region are being  stolen through bogus contracts using pseudo names.
8. Funds appropriated two years ago to establish 18 additional computer  training centers have been misappropriated by the Alkali-management.
9. Funds meant for the construction of offices in the six states of the region  have been diverted to other personal uses.10.Funds meant for the construction of ‘Mega Schools’ in the 18 senatorial  zones of the region have disappeared.
11.Tractors and other agricultural equipment, approved and fully funded,  are yet to be purchased, two years after, while billions of naira are being  spent on fraudulent food procurement at the expense of farmers of the region.
12.Billions of naira spent on the defunct PCNI liabilities should be thoroughly investigated as some of the claims cannot be validated. 
13.The board of the Northeast Development Commission Education  Endowment Fund-NEDCEF, was inaugurated on August, 7, 2020, as an education component of the commission, but for close to one year now, the board has not been able to take off, let alone achieving its core  mandate of interventions in the education sub-sector, because of meddlesomeness and needless frustrations by the Managing Director.
Instead, funds earmarked for interventions by NEDCEF are being diverted for personal use by members of the Board Of Trustees.
14.It is no surprise that during the recent presidential visit to Borno state by  President Muhammadu Buhari, no single NEDC project was commissioned, because there was non to be commissioned.
15. It is also imperative to note that the synergy with United Nations agencies has collapsed because of glaring lack of transparency in handling donor-funds by NEDC board. They are packing out of Borno State, and other flash-points that require urgent interventions, in droves.
OUR PRAYER AND CONCLUSION.We would like to state, at this juncture, that if urgent steps are not taken to  remove the Managing Director, Mohammed Goni Alkali and subject him to  thorough investigation and prosecution, the commission will be in the threshold of imminent collapse. 
And failure to do so will compel us to resort  to other means of having our grievances taken much seriously, which shall  include legal action, peaceful demonstrations on the streets of Abuja the  nation’s capital, and an International Press Conference to press home our demand for justice.
Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigerian.Yours Sincerely,____________________ ___________________Pwasato Aaron Goni  (National Coordinator) 
Umar Muazu (National Secretary)


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