Haemophilia Foundation Seeks Upgrading Of UPTH Treatment Centre, Establishment Of One At RSUTH



In continuation of its desire to push and raise awareness in the country for people with haemophilia and other blood disorders, Haemophilia Foundation of Nigeria (HFN) and Novo Norsdisk Haemophilia Foundation, have taken the crusade to Rivers State.

Led by its President, Mrs. Megan Adediran (HFN) at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), charged that the facilities at the treatment centre should be upgraded to allow for modern methods.

“We are here to intimate this medical institution of the need to upgrade the facilities at the Haemophilia Treatment Centre. While acknowledging your collaboration and support, it’s also important that we work with modern methods of treatment and this requires upgrading facilities.

In his response, Chief Medical Director of the institution, Prof. Henry Ugbomma, represented by Chairman Medical Advisory Committee, Prof. L. O. Onotai, assured that the Department of Haematology would improve its and should also bring to the Medical Board all that is needed for the treatment centre to function well.

” We appreciate your visit and all the foundation has do since it was founded,” said he.

The HFN at the Rivers States University Teaching Hospital, RSUTH, appealed to the Chief Medical Director, CMD, Prof. Friday Aaron, allow for the establishment of a Treatment Centre to bring to 15 the number of Treatment Centres in the country.

Mrs. Adediran added it necessary to have treatment centres all over the country to allow close,quick treatment and attention.

According to her, ” nearness to treatment is key allowing people with haemophilia and other blood disorders lead normal lives.”

Prof. Aaron, CMD, promised to all that’s possible to ensure that a Treatment Centre is created at the medical institution.

“We’ll see that we collaborate and support the HFN in its drive to bringing succour to people with haemophilia and other blood related disorders,” he stressed.


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