Anambra 2021: I Have Been Offered Deputy Gov, Others For Reconciliation – PDP Aggrieved Aspirant



The first runner-up of the recently concluded Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary election held at the Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, Awka, Dr Obiiora Okonkwo has accused the electoral committee of playing double standards in the party’s primary election.
He said that all the twists and turns put in place by the committee on the day of election were aimed at ensuring he doesnt win the party’s ticket.
Okonkwo added, “They knew I had 80 percent of the delegates rooting for me and they decided to change the delegates list. 
The chairman kept going outside, sometimes stayed up to 30 minutes. He was just juggling the list in the process.
“Initially we were told a total of 179 delegates were accredited to vote but when they noticed going ahead with voting would be inimical to their plan, the chairman announced he was going to do a head count.
“After the head count, he came up with 218 delegates. While we were there, the list was changed three times. 
“Some delegates were told their names were not on the list. At the end of the head count, the chairman announced that about 17 delegates were still outside. The chairman refused to use the two agents each meamt for the aspirants. That was suspicious.
The aggrieved governorship aspirant who gave the revelations during a television interview said the gimmick started when the committee failed to start the voting process five hours after accreditation was concluded.
According to him, a total of 1,109 delegates were expected to participate in the exercise even though the national exective of the party in Abuja gave the number of super delegates as 230.
While saying that the cheapest way to win is by adding numbers upon numbers, he regretted that the party had before the election assured everyone that the process would be free and fair.
On the question of appealing the result, Okonkwo said, “I dont see any need fir appeal. I am not desperate. We didnt anticipate that the panel would stoop so low to wirk with some people who want a lap dog for a candidate, hence they changed list even after accreditation had been concluded.
“They brought in people that were not even members of the party to come im and vote. 
“They have come to me with all manner of reconciliatory move, deputy governor, commissioners, etc, but I have said, I am not in this race for what I will gain. I have a profitable business.”
Responding to question on whether he plans to defect to another party, the business mogul added, “I am not desperate. I can go back to my profitable business, I have nothing to lose. Only God makes a king. From the beginning, I prayed and said, God, let thy will be done and that’s the direction we are taking.
Some people dont want the party for anything, except to run for an election. We should always think beyond party primary and elections proper. We should be mindful of the people we elect to power, they should be credible people. Thats the major problem with Nigeria politics. 
“Whoever did or initiated this entire twist, I’m sure they have gotten the message that they messed with the wrong guy. I am waiting for my movement to decide on the next step. We are still consulting.”


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