NASC Shuts Down 103 Seed Companies



National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) has shut down  103 seed companies across the country.
The Director North West Zone, Uban Doma Hudu disclosed this while fielfing questions from journalists in his office on the state of seed in the present challenges on climate change.

Uban Doma said, the closed seed companies failed to meet the requirements enshrined.

According to him, most of them were off production for over three years.

He said emergance of new technology  has led to the production of variety of seed that withstand the challenges of climate change such as water shortfall.

Accoding to him, as stakeholders and regulators of seed  production in Nigeria, NASC has introduced many ways of identifying adulterated seed.

The director advised farmers to check the  seed package, their identification number, green card and seed code numbers to call for verification.

He advised farmers to always buy their seed from companies to avoid purchasing from wrong hands who are out to make money any how.

Also, he advised farmers to know the type of soil they have and purchase the compatible seed.


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