Deploy Digital Media In Conflict Prevention Rather Than Coverage, University Don Tasks Nigerians



Digital media and citizens journalism have come to stay in Nigeria, hence efforts should be intestified to fully digitize the nation to come up with mechanism to deploy digital media in the areas of conflict prevention and management rather than conflict events coverage.
The First Professor of Broadcast in Northern Nigeria, Professor Ladi Sandra Adamu of Department of Mass Communcation, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, made the observation while delivering her inuagural lecture titled, “The Spider in the Web: Digitalization of Conflict Reporting in a Pluralistic Nigerian Society” held at the Assembly Hall of ABU.

“Digital media has come to stay. ,Nigeria should intestify efforts to fully digitize the nation to come up with mechanism to deploy digital media more in the areas of conflict prevention and management rather than conflict events coverage,” she suggested.

She observed that most analysis of the status of the Nigerian media in conflict reporting give much attention to the reportage of manifest conflict.

Prof. Ladi noted that digital media and the internet surreptitiously influence journalists and Nigerians’ role in media content development only professional to citizen journalism.
She pointed out that the gradual manifestation of citizen journalism in Nigeria cannot be said to have shifted the paradigm of blaming the media even when anybody can now spin an information thread for unlimited intentions.
Acccording to her, there is knowledge gap especially across journalists, government officials, the Nigerian public, NGO’s, CSO’s and communication stakeholders and students.
The broadcast professor said, conflict journalism in Nigeria is still very much theoritical course work oriented and on ad-hoc operation mostly as training with little or special institutional and structural attention to development.
She said there is a golden opportunity for Mass Communication departments of universities and relevant educational institutions in Nigeria to unbundle to accommodate critical capacity building courses and trainings in order to appropriately professionalize conflict journalism.
Prof. Ladi Adamu advised media to expand reportage of manifest conflicts to capture the understanding struggles which is most cases conflict prevention  management and resolution mechanism gloss over.

She said, Nigerians must begin to see themselves as part of the media in as much as digital media has now provided them the platform for participation and contribution to media content.
In his remarks, the Deputy Governor Plateau State, Prof. Sonni Gwanie Tyoden said that Prof. Ladi has made their state proud, not ABU alone.
He said the lecture she delivered was timely and proffers solution on security challenges through adequate conflict reporting.
According ti him, knowledge should be relavant to the society and it should impact into the lives of citizens as well to add value to them.
In his remarks, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Professor Ahmed Doko Ibrahim, congratulated the lecturer for the timely topic.
Prof. Doko Ibrahim said the era of information at all round news even the unethical ways should be addressed accordingly.
He said, the lecture will give a direction on how to accept or reject conflict news.


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